Connecting with Spirit

Connecting with Spirit

We’re all born connected with Spirit i.e. The Divine Spirit. This connectivity is a sort of Spiritual Bluetooth which is always ON. It receives and transmits non-stop. At times, we keep ourselves ‘turned off’. Our psychic or intuitive abilities do not feel the sacredness of that Divine Connectivity. Consequently, we start feeling absence of Spiritual Blessings.

However, it’s the Faith that charges our batteries. It’s the faith that encourages us to get connected. Will power is all we need to start receiving and transmitting Signals of Mercy and Peace.

Change, Change, Change

First, I would like to say Thank You! Thank you for inviting me into your inbox. I’m excited to finally be rolling out my monthly e-mailer which I hope will be an avenue for you to get re-acquainted with your own heart’s desires, divine purpose and passions. My intention is to provide insights on how you can strengthen your relationships with both spirit and others and to provide spiritual tools to enhance your daily lives, bridging the gap between heaven and earth.

Doing Great Things
For me, this year has been filled with lots of change. I am a firm believer that change is good even though it comes with its own special breed of growing pains. It seems to me that when we are being pushed to do great things obstacles, fears and perceived challenges many times race to the forefront to deter us from progress. I have had my fair share of those things this year but I have also felt the steady love and support from heaven that encouraged me to keep on keeping on.