Living a magical life sounds fabulous. But what would that even look like? Well, it definitely would look different depending on who you ask.

And in my experience, deep down, the majority of people don’t feel like they are worthy of all that goodness. 

If you happen to be one of those people, let me ask you this​…

Do you believe that you deserve to have a peaceful life?

Peace is one thing that comes up often in sessions and in my group teachings. I cannot tell you how many times I hear “I just want everything to be peaceful.” Chaos, drama and negativity are draining. Physically, emotionally and mentally. Everything else might seem to be working out okay, but if you don’t have peace, you definitely won’t feel like you are living a magical life.

Do you believe there is a purpose for your life?

Purpose is something that comes up all the time in my sessions with clients. “I just want to understand my purpose.” We all feel more settled and connected when we feel we understand why we are here and what we are meant to accomplish in our lifetimes. But there is one thing that many people don’t understand and that is that most of us have been living out our purpose all along. We often confuse our purpose with some grand accomplishment or event, when in reality it is becoming a parent, being an awesome listener or a great friend, or simply being the extension of love in all the little ways throughout your life.

We let the idea evade us and think we lack fulfillment.

Do you believe that you experience great joy and happiness?

Joy is a high-vibrating emotion, and it can be experienced through some of the simplest of ways. I think as humans we focus too much attention on what we need to accomplish, what we are here to learn, and what might not be going exactly as we planned, that we forget we are actually here to experience happiness too. We forget to even include that in our focus of living and look at any moments of happiness as bonuses instead of what should be the norm.

So, if you have a hard time allowing yourself to believe that you deserve a magical life, then I want you to ask yourself:

Do I deserve to experience peace?

Do I deserve to feel purposeful in this life?

Do I deserve to have as much joy as possible?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then you can easily agree that you deserve a magical life.

Because without these things the magic really can’t happen.

Everyone deserves to feel fulfilled in this way. Every single person.

It is easy for us to talk ourselves into believing that other people are worthy and deserving, and then talk ourselves out of believing that we are too..

But it simply does not work that way.

We are all divine beings with the power to create a magical life.

The question is what do you want to create?

The one thing I know for sure is that when nothing is certain, everything is possible.

So, embrace your endless possibilities and get reacquainted with your heart’s desires.

Your magic is waiting for you!


Love, Light and Magical Wishes for You!