What the Angels Say the 7 Must Do Things Are For The Year Ahead !!

What the Angels Say the 7 Must Do Things Are For The Year Ahead !!

Experience & Appreciate your OWN Divinity
This means spending more time with yourself. Through conscious intention, understanding and awakening the divine energy within helps you to stay connected to your highest self. It is easy to get distracted with life and worldly things, however, staying dedicated and committed to a practice that allows you to experience your own divinity will keep you anchored in your truth and power, and will benefit every other area of your life in extremely positive ways.

Slow Down
Consistency is key this year NOT speed. Do not rush making decisions. Instead, sit with your thoughts and most important gather the help from your angels and your spiritual team so that you feel certain in the choices you choose for yourself and the action steps you are guided to make. Be present and enjoy the journey and the process. Remember life is about living and that means every moment not just rushing to meet a goal. Peace, happiness and joy should be experienced along the way and this is truly possible. So, let go of resistance and the need to control every moment and allow blessings and miracles to pop up and surprise and delight you.

Get to Know & Understand your Energy Better
You will move through your days with much more purpose, ease and grace if you get to know your energy better. Learning to stay grounded, connected and in your power will change your life drastically for the better. You will no longer feel as distracted, fatigued, scattered or worn out once you learn how to navigate your energy and communicate with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. They can tell you exactly what you need and what is going on so that you can utilize that knowledge to improve the way you feel and operate on a day-to-day basis.

Expect LOVE to show up for You
You are love. At the core of your being this is who you are and what you are here to experience. It is time to see love in everyday things and first and foremost to step up your game in loving yourself wholly and completely. You can do this! It is the very best investment you can ever make and too is a game changer once you begin to get into the rhythm of the flow of love. Witness it. Be it. Receive it. This is your call to action.

Random Acts of Kindness
Our world has been hurting for a while now and we all know there are so many needs that can be filled with just the simplest of gestures. This year is about finding new ways to be a blessing to others. Now let me preface this by saying taking care of yourself and your needs first is a must. I know that many of you already are in the habit of giving way more than you will ever allow yourself to receive and this is not what this is about. As a matter of fact, I urge you to look at areas you have been investing in others that may not be working and instead sprinkle some love and support in some new and unexpected places. Don’t worry. All you have to do is ask your angels to show you the way and they will.

Take Care of Your Vessel
We have all been born with a physical body to carry us through this lifetime. Take care of it. Listen to what it tells you and give it what it needs. If that is a healthier eating plan and more exercise, great! But it may simply be taking deep healing breaths each day, better sleeping habits, time spent in nature, adding some vitamins and minerals or committing to that annual physical. And while you are at it send some love to every cell of your being. It has served you well thus far, and we want to empower our bodies and thank it for allowing us to see, smell, touch, walk, talk.

Joyful Appreciation, Anticipation and Expectation
The feelings of bliss and joy are some of the highest vibrating emotions. Getting into these feelings changes your vision, your outlook and your overall demeanor. With everything you do and experience try your best to show joyful appreciation. With everything you dream and hope for feel joyful anticipation. Take it one step further and experience true joyful expectations. Expectation that everything you desire is already on its way to you. Don’t think about the how or when. Just think about how exciting it is that everything is working out for your highest good and every outcome is exceeding your expectations. May sound silly, but boy does it work!!

Remember, the angels are divine, wise, loving beings. Trust their wisdom. Know that their love for you encourages you not only to be your best self but they want you to experience your life in the most beautiful,  joyful and loving ways. Whatever your goals are for the year, know that incorporating this sage advice will help you stay the course and experience this year staying connecting to your truth and power.

Wishing you all the best in the year ahead!

Heather and The Angels

The Angel’s Advice on Dealing with Overwhelm

The Angel’s Advice on Dealing with Overwhelm

I’m no stranger to feeling overwhelmed.

I think we often tend to judge ourselves when we feel overwhelmed because we feel we should know better, do better and just never get ourselves in a situation to feel that emotion. But regardless of how spiritual you might be, it is important to remember that we are human.

Our emotions are a gauge of where we are currently and they offer us wisdom as to how to shift or tweak our focus in order to stay in alignment with where we desire to be.  The angels had some very clear advice for a client recently that I thought would be helpful to share with you all.

(And yes, I asked my client’s permission to share)

Here is what the angels had to say:

First things first.

What is overwhelming you?

Is it one thing? Two things? Three things? More?

Take a moment and write it all down.

You may notice that in doing so, some of those things lose importance and no longer feel like a priority to be listed.

Now, look at your list and ask yourself these things:

  • Is this my personal overwhelm or something I have picked up from someone else? – If this is a stressor or emotion you have picked up from others, release that now. Simply ask the angels to release any heavy, negative, or unhealthy emotions you have picked up from others.
  • Do I have any control over this situation that is causing me to feel overwhelmed? – If so, jot down some things that you could personally do to change the situation in a positive way.
  • Out of the things I could personally do to release this overwhelm and shift this situation in a positive way, what would be most productive for me at this time? – Ask the angels to help you discern where your energy is best spent at this moment for the situation.
  • Lastly, out of everything on my list, is there one thing that needs my attention first? – This will help you come up with a game plan and focus your attention in a productive manner.

The angels say that much of our overwhelm begins in our emotional and mental bodies. Before taking any physical action steps it is important to get ourselves really centered and grounded so that when we begin our action steps, we are very present, aware, and committed to our desired outcomes.

If we fall back into the feeling of overwhelm, we need to STOP, take some deep breaths and regain our focus before moving forward. We don’t want to carry heavy energy with us as work toward our goals. That feels very disempowering. I know that taking some deep breaths might not sound very helpful. But, honestly, it is a very quick, easy, and effective way to call us back to our center, connect with our spiritual helpers and regain some clarity.

Remember, ask your spiritual team to help you :

  • Amp up your faith
  • Remember what is truly important
  • Stand in your power
  • Center yourself in Love
  • Align your thoughts with your dreams and desires
  • Release all negative thought forms
  • Stay grounded with Mother Earth
  • Keep a strong connection with your own intuition

As always, your angels want you to know you are never alone. They are eager to support you in every way possible and are cheering you on from the other side!

Much Love,

    Needing spiritual guidance?  You can book an angel reading here.

    7 Ways the Angels Can Help You on a Daily Basis

    7 Ways the Angels Can Help You on a Daily Basis

    It is no secret that I love working with the angels both personally and professionally. 

    It is always a joy and honor to make connections for my clients that bring them great peace and clarity as well as guidance and direction for their lives.

    One of the things the angels often ask me to remind my clients about is that there is nothing too insignificant when it comes to asking for help from the angels. In other words, they do not want you to filter or limit what you are asking for help with.  There are no “silly” requests. Anything that will bring you peace, clear confusion, remove struggle and strife and ultimately just make your life easier, well, they want to be a part of. 

    You see there are countless ways that the angels can help us.

    Any seeming challenge we may have is met with their loving support and their options for solutions.

    Here are just some of the ways the angels can help us in daily life:

    Fearful Thoughts – Our thoughts can sometimes be our worst enemies. The angels can help us redirect any negative thoughts in loving and supportive ways and root us in love so that we can operate from and connect to our best and highest self.

    Buoy Our Faith – The angels can point out why we have every reason to be centered in faith. This includes reminding us of our previous victories, ensuring us the whole universe is in our favor and standing with us to call back our power.

    Decision Making – If you struggle making decisions, the angels are wonderful at helping us connect to our intuitive self and recognize what resonates with our own personal truth. This is so important and powerful because we are not meant to just follow the masses, and making choices that honor us personally is key.

    Clearing Overwhelm – When we feel overwhelmed we begin to procrastinate and often feel defeated before we begin. The angels can help us prioritize what needs our attention most and what we should get accomplished first. They can empower us to work from a space of discipline and direction, which then helps us to gain momentum as we continue to get more accomplished and feel the rewards of our efforts.

    Negative Self Talk – Our angels want us to treat ourselves as well as we do those we love and cherish the most. They are wonderful at holding us accountable to using positive words when speaking about ourselves, our goals and our heart’s desires. 

    Honoring and Protecting Our Energy – Creating clear boundaries and clearing and protecting our energy is crucial when it comes to our overall health and wellbeing. The angels can assist us with discerning what is best for ourselves so that we can create healthy boundaries, as well as clear negative energy from us and create a hedge of protection that allows our energy to stay pure, strong and vital.

    Trusting Our Intuition – Our intuition is the beautiful loving connection we have with our creator and our spiritual team but we rarely trust it as much as we should. The angels can help you to embrace your intuition and lean in to utilizing it more often so that you gain confidence in your own beautiful connection with the divine. 

    The angels know that the little things make up the big parts of our lives, and they want us to spend every moment feeling very connected to our divine self and to live out each day with intention, purpose and joy. They are available to support us in whatever way necessary to help us do just that. 

    I encourage you to invite them to help you and allow yourself to receive the unconditional love and support they have to offer.

    Much Love and Many Blessings,


    Needing spiritual guidance?  You can book an angel reading here.

    I’ve always talked to God… Why should I talk to my angels?

    I’ve always talked to God… Why should I talk to my angels?

    I have always been deeply connected to the Divine. Ever since I was a little girl I called that God. God and I were the best of friends. As an only child, I would often find myself talking to God. If I wasn’t talking to God I was probably talking to my dog. I found both to be very good listeners. #TRUTH

    Even though I always had a slight fascination with angels I never really recognized the opportunity to communicate with them. As a matter of fact, it was not until I was a young adult and God was opening my eyes to how I was meant to utilize my spiritual gifts and share them with the world that I was introduced to working with my angels. You might be surprised that I felt a huge resistance to talking to my angels at first. When I tuned into why I felt this way it was clear to me that there was some fear around it. 

     #1. I had been talking to God my WHOLE life and honestly, I felt that talking to the angels was taking a step backwards. I know, this might sound ridiculous, but it was the truth. There was this part of me that felt like it was the same as going to the CEO my whole life and now being demoted in some way because now I was being asked to talk to the angels instead. Like, why would I want to talk to the assistant managers when I had been talking to the CEO forever!  

     #2. I was completely comfortable talking to God but I think I felt that talking to the angels would be like having to learn how to speak a different language or something. Something about it did not feel normal to me. 

     #3. For some odd reason, I felt that talking to the angels would disrespect God. Crazy I know. But I think that subconsciously I thought I would be placing more importance on the angels instead of God and that felt off to me. 

    I had been using my intuition my whole life and I was committed to opening myself up to allow my gifts to help bring healing to others but was resisting the opportunity to talk to the angels.

    I definitely felt I had an issue here that needed to be dealt with.

    Like many of us, I got stuck in my head with this dilemma. Thoughts and more thoughts and then even more confusing thoughts.

    Until one day God interrupted my thoughts and said these exact words to me.

    God: Heather, do you know what the word angel even means? 

    Me: Yes, they are messengers of love and light.

    God: Exactly! And you know how they have helped millions of people before you gain guidance and direction and even deliver prophetic messages? 

    Me: Yes.

    God: Okay, well, use them or don’t use them but stop stressing out about it!

    Me: Um, okay. Well, that makes sense.

    Now, let me be very clear, although I understood the silliness of my previous worry I was not automatically super comfortable with how those conversations went.

    I remember the first time I decided to call on an angel, that’s right …only one, I immediately felt guilty. 

    I literally had the thought that my needs and or problems were not nearly as bad as others might be and I probably just took an angel away from a sick child at St. Jude Hospital.

    Now, you might be asking yourself, why in the world is Heather sharing these very embarrassing moments with everyone on her blog. Well, let’s just say I have always been a very transparent person and I think I can also help more people when I am open to being completely vulnerable. 

    The fact is our mind is not always our friend. Fear creeps in to confuse us and will often be working hard to sabotage our best efforts. I know I am not the only one who has ever battled thoughts within their own mind.

    Now, when I had the limited thought of only calling on one angel and worried they were too busy to stop helping another to come to my aid, God spoke up again.

    God:  I am sorry, I thought you knew that I was an unlimited being with unlimited resources. 

    There is never a shortage of help available to you or anyone else. 

    Me: You are right. I know this. I just need to know this, know this and accept this as my truth.

    It took me some time to get comfortable with this idea. But not too long. I am happy to say I now feel one hundred percent comfortable with calling on millions of angels at any given point in time.

    But I think it is important to have this conversation because so many people resist calling on the angels for help.

    I am now well aware that working with the angels and my entire spiritual team means working smarter not harder.

    I have even been doing so professionally for others for over 15 years now. 

    But, just like any other new practice, starting off can feel uncomfortable and awkward.

    If you have been on the fence about whether or not to talk to your angels, here are some key points I would suggest to keep in mind:

    • Anyone can talk to their angels. The angels are available to everyone. It does not matter your choice of religious belief or if you don’t find yourself to be religious at all. Everyone has guardian angels as well as a loving spiritual team to support them.


    • There is not a wrong way to talk to the angels. Just open your heart and start the dialogue. You cannot mess it up. Talk to them like you do a best friend. This does not need to be formal in any way.
    • Talk to them out loud when possible. Our voices are powerful and oftentimes we will get into the flow of the conversation even more deeply when speaking out loud.
    • Ask your angels to help you to know what to ask for help with. This can be a game-changer as you are giving them permission to help you open yourself up to their wisdom as to what could help you best in the moment. (Spoiler alert …the angels are much wiser than we are) 
    • The angels always speak very lovingly to us. So if you are ever confused about what you feel you may be hearing from your angels, just know they never speak from a place of fear, confusion, anxiety or worry. They are certain and loving at all times.
    • Just stay open to receiving. Asking for help is an act of strength, not weakness. You are worthy and deserving of divine help from the angels. 

    Now more than ever, I want to encourage everyone to utilize the guidance, love and support that is always available to us from our angels. Again, this help is available to us at all times and in all ways. There is never a request that is too big or too small. Our angels are there to provide us peace, protection, clarity and solutions to any seeming problem. They can buoy our faith, increase our confidence and even help us to understand our heart’s desires. 

    And just in case you were wondering, God and I are still the best of friends. We still talk daily. So, talking to your angels doesn’t mean giving up your connection with God, Source, Creator…whatever you feel comfortable calling that. It only draws you closer and expands your ability to appreciate and utilize the unconditional love we so very much deserve and need. 

    Much Love and Many Blessings,

    Needing spiritual guidance?  Book your own angel reading.


    What Is A Spiritual Intuitive Advisor and How Can They Help Me?

    What Is A Spiritual Intuitive Advisor and How Can They Help Me?

    What is a Spiritual Intuitive Advisor

    In the fifteen-plus years that I have been a professional intuitive, I have been called by many names: Angel Therapy Practitioner, Angel Therapist, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor, you name it.  They have all really described my work well when I think about it.

    Most recently, when someone asks me what my profession is, I have found myself responding with I am a Spiritual Intuitive Advisor as well as a Psychic Medium. I think most people understand the role of a Psychic Medium, but one might ask, what exactly is a Spiritual Intuitive Advisor?

    And that is a good question.

    Here is my definition of it broken down into the basics from my perspective as it pertains to the services I provide.


    All of my work is spiritual because it is rooted firmly in love and channeled from the divine. I work with my own spiritual team as well as my clients’ spiritual teams to make strong, accurate connections and receive divine guidance for them during sessions, coaching, and teachings. My work is not based on religion but instead focused on the connection that we all have with the divine. When I speak of the divine I am speaking of that which where we came from. Whatever one prefers to call that is completely fine with me. God, Source, Universe, Creator… or something else. My focus is on the unconditional love and support that is available to us all and my ability to tap into that information and provide support, healing, and transformation.


    I utilize my intuition at all times when doing my work and this is important to note. Some spiritual advisors do not. We all have intuition and it is my belief that this is what keeps us connected to the divine and allows for clear communication and guidance to come through. My intuition has always been very strong and that strength is one of my natural born gifts that I utilize to make very clear connections for my clients. It is through the process of surrendering myself to be of love and service to my client that allows my own fears and ego to be pushed aside so that I can utilize the power of love to channel the information that will be most helpful and useful for them at the moment.


    Advisement comes very lovingly from the angels, guides, archangels, and ascended masters. My role in delivering those messages comes with just as much love, appreciation, and encouragement. The guidance that comes through is very clear. This includes helping you to gain more clarity about a situation, uncovering root issues to challenges, giving you practical action steps to take, and even helping you embrace your own intuition so that you can gain confidence in the way your spiritual team speaks to you directly.

    More important than what one might call me or what I consider myself to be is how I can be of love and service to those I help on a daily basis.

    As a Spiritual Intuitive Advisor, I have the great honor to connect with my clients on a soul level and communicate with their spiritual team in ways that bring forth guidance, clarity, and solutions in regards to their current life situations. These sessions are loving, enlightening, and empower my clients to release the fears and blocks that have held them back from living their highest potential and realizing their heart’s desires. My clients feel more motivated to take action steps and more disciplined to follow through with the commitments they make to themselves.

    I love being able to be a part of this process and see the magic that happens when my clients give themselves permission to live passionately and purposefully and I love seeing their own connection with their spiritual team strengthen.

    Everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life.

    Your angels and guides can help you see your life and your situations from a loving, truthful, and compassionate space and uncover anything you need to know in order to step into your truth, claim your power and say yes to yourself.

    How can a spiritual intuitive advisor specifically help me or someone I love?

    Here are just some of the ways:

    • Heal the past and get to a place of true surrender
    • Understand and utilize your own intuition
    • Support sensitive kids, teens, and adults
    • Empower the relationship you have with yourself and others
    • Uncover limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones
    • Reconnect to the true divine spark of your spirit
    • Free yourself from the judgment and expectations of others
    • Become lovingly assertive and create healthy boundaries
    • Move from feeling stuck and disconnected to clear and confident
    • Achieve greater success in business and entrepreneurship
    • Connect back to purpose and passion
    • Move through change with ease and grace
    • Uncover what your challenges mean for you
    • Honor your energy and live in a high vibrational state
    • Make a commitment to self-care and create a solid foundation
    • Heal from suffering, loss, and grief
    • Gain clarity around your heart’s truest desires

    The goal is always to work smarter instead of harder and to allow the wisdom, love, and support from your spiritual team to guide and help you along the way.



    Needing spiritual guidance?  You can book an angel reading here.

    Who is there for you?

    Who is there for you?

    One of the things I have realized in my own spiritual journey, and have witnessed with many of my clients over the years, is that as you grow more conscious and aware of your spiritual power, you become very picky with whom you share your life with, and even more so, whom you trust to share your troubles with.

    Let me explain …

    As you gain the realization of how your energy affects your experiences and the true power that your thoughts, words and actions have in your life, you become even more sensitive to those around you. This is why during periods of spiritual growth you often see people finally removing toxic people from their lives and see that even their circle of friends may shift. And even after making positive changes like that in your life, there are those who remain close to you that still may not be equipped to support you in the ways you need when you are experiencing challenges and stress. 

    They may love you completely, but:

    • May be an excessive worrier and go to worst case scenarios in their mind.
    • Get super emotional and don’t have strength to lend you.
    • Look at everything from a negative point of view.
    • Say they will pray for you, but you feel they have their own idea of what is in your best interest instead of praying for your highest good.
    • Are so rooted in fear they cannot hold the loving, sacred space you need to move forward fearlessly.

    For someone who is always trying to stay positive and hold a certain vision for your own life as well as others, this can leave you feeling isolated and alone in your troubles and pain. It can make you feel completely empty, tired and overwhelmed and in need of someone who can help fill up your love tank.

    It is like you want to share, but you hold back because you know that you only desire people who won’t add their own misery, fear or negativity to your situation. You hold everything inside and try to handle it all alone.

    Luckily, you have spiritual helpers available at any given moment, but even they know we are in need of earthly support too.

    So, what do you do in moments like these when you could really use a good supportive ear, a shoulder to lean on and a motivated cheerleader?

    Here are some things to keep in mind when you feel like you are going it alone and some action steps to take to move closer to a place of empowerment:

    • Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need from a loved one. A loving and gentle reminder that it is important to you to hold positive thoughts around your situation could be very helpful. You will know who you feel is capable of this or not.
    • Ask your angels who in your life right now is willing and able to be positive, supportive and helpful to you at this time. You may be surprised as to what they reveal to you.
    • If you are a part of any spiritual social media groups, post a prayer request there. If you don’t feel like sharing all of the specifics, you don’t have to. You could simply ask for support, clarity, strength or peace. Chances are you have been willing to be there for countless others and it is important to balance your giving and receiving. Allowing others to pray for you and hold sacred space is a wonderful start. The power of prayer in numbers is magical, so receive. 
    • Ask to increase your circle of spiritually minded friends so that your support system can naturally grow larger. This is one of the reasons I started teaching many, many years ago. I knew that people were needing to connect with like-minded spiritual seekers and I was right. I thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone make loving connections and seeing friendships form in front of my eyes. This also is true for my online courses. You are drawn to people who can be a blessing in your life. You just need to pay attention and be willing to open up and connect.
    • Have someone close to you that you trust enough to share with but who doesn’t understand your spiritual stance? Explain to them your spiritual principals and the focus and energy you are placing around healing your situation or drawing in the experience you desire, and then ask them to join you in holding your same vision.

    I hope you find this helpful when moving through times of stress and worry. I personally welcome you to email my office with your prayer requests too. It is my joy and honor to lift your needs and desires to the divine. When our energy comes together we can do magical things! 

    Have a prayer request? Feel free to email it to info@heatherhildebrand.com


    Love, Light and Many Blessings,


    A Magical Life

    A Magical Life

    Living a magical life sounds fabulous. But what would that even look like? Well, it definitely would look different depending on who you ask.

    And in my experience, deep down, the majority of people don’t feel like they are worthy of all that goodness. 

    If you happen to be one of those people, let me ask you this​…

    Do you believe that you deserve to have a peaceful life?

    Peace is one thing that comes up often in sessions and in my group teachings. I cannot tell you how many times I hear “I just want everything to be peaceful.” Chaos, drama and negativity are draining. Physically, emotionally and mentally. Everything else might seem to be working out okay, but if you don’t have peace, you definitely won’t feel like you are living a magical life.

    Do you believe there is a purpose for your life?

    Purpose is something that comes up all the time in my sessions with clients. “I just want to understand my purpose.” We all feel more settled and connected when we feel we understand why we are here and what we are meant to accomplish in our lifetimes. But there is one thing that many people don’t understand and that is that most of us have been living out our purpose all along. We often confuse our purpose with some grand accomplishment or event, when in reality it is becoming a parent, being an awesome listener or a great friend, or simply being the extension of love in all the little ways throughout your life.

    We let the idea evade us and think we lack fulfillment.

    Do you believe that you experience great joy and happiness?

    Joy is a high-vibrating emotion, and it can be experienced through some of the simplest of ways. I think as humans we focus too much attention on what we need to accomplish, what we are here to learn, and what might not be going exactly as we planned, that we forget we are actually here to experience happiness too. We forget to even include that in our focus of living and look at any moments of happiness as bonuses instead of what should be the norm.

    So, if you have a hard time allowing yourself to believe that you deserve a magical life, then I want you to ask yourself:

    Do I deserve to experience peace?

    Do I deserve to feel purposeful in this life?

    Do I deserve to have as much joy as possible?

    If you can answer yes to these questions, then you can easily agree that you deserve a magical life.

    Because without these things the magic really can’t happen.

    Everyone deserves to feel fulfilled in this way. Every single person.

    It is easy for us to talk ourselves into believing that other people are worthy and deserving, and then talk ourselves out of believing that we are too..

    But it simply does not work that way.

    We are all divine beings with the power to create a magical life.

    The question is what do you want to create?

    The one thing I know for sure is that when nothing is certain, everything is possible.

    So, embrace your endless possibilities and get reacquainted with your heart’s desires.

    Your magic is waiting for you!


    Love, Light and Magical Wishes for You!

    Nine Benefits to Nurturing Your Intuition

    Nine Benefits to Nurturing Your Intuition

    Some people think that trusting their gut is hokey or risky, but how many times have you had a hunch about something and then talked yourself out of believing yourself because you thought you should use “reason,” only to find out that your intuition was correct all along? 

    Learning to engage, trust, and utilize your intuition is empowering on every level.

    How, might you ask?

    I would love to tell you how!

    Here are my top Nine Benefits to Nurturing Your Intuition: 

    • Connects You to Your Inner Voice
      Why is this so important? Well because when you are connected to your inner voice the distracting, fearful, negative voice loses power and gets quieter. Thank goodness for that. 
    • Increases Self-Awareness and Understanding
      You begin to know yourself better. You feel more connected to your spirit or finally recognize what your spirit feels like and then vow to never forget it.
    • Provides Clarity
      Being in touch with your intuition helps you clear through the clutter in your mind and see past distractions. It can help you find and maintain a positive focus.
    • Strengthens Your Physical Health
      When you are in touch with your intuition you begin to be more in tune with your body. You gain the awareness of what your body needs because you are unique. You begin to understand your sensitivities and how your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies work together. 
    • Increases Confidence
      When you feel more clarity, more connected to your true divine spirit and listening to that inner voice, you cannot help but feel more confident in your actions and decisions.
    • Reduces Stress
      When our confidence is higher, we have less uncertainties and strife. When we find ourselves facing challenges, we are more equipped to listen to that inner voice and trust the path moving forward.
    • Creates Healthier Boundaries
      We feel much more comfortable creating boundaries that will honor our path, goals and spirit. We feel more confident speaking our truth with love instead of hiding from what we want and need and allowing the needs of others to trump our own. 
    • Enhances Artistic and Creative Expression
      When we are in touch with our soul it is easier to understand our passions. Our intuition calls to our heart, begging us to give ourselves permission to make time for the things that bring us joy. We are all creators by nature and saying yes to yourself means a happier, healthier you, which also means those around you benefit as well. 
    • Keeps You Connected to Your Spiritual Team
      Most importantly, your intuition keeps you connected to the divine guidance that is available to you from God/Creator/Source and your spiritual team. We have help available to us on this earthly journey that we are on, and our intuition is the language of love that the divine uses to support us along the way.

    None of us are truly ever separated from our intuition and divine guidance. We can feel out of touch, disconnected or confused about how it all works, but everyone has intuition and the ability to harness the power within.

    My life changed completely when I learned to purposefully stay connected to my intuition, and that is why I am so passionate about helping others embrace this beautiful part of themselves.

    It does not matter if you are male or female, young or old, religious or not religious. Intuition is all about staying connected to the unconditional love and support that is available to all of us. Everyone can benefit from learning how to connect to their intuition. If you have been stalling, what are you waiting for?

    I promise there is nothing to fear, and I would love to help you find your way!


    With you on the journey,