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Extreme Spiritual Self Care Raffle

December 1, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - June 6, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

Extreme Spiritual Self Care Raffle


December 1, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
June 6, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
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TX United States

Join us in supporting my dear friend and intuitive Mary Frances Blatchley by entering for a chance to win one of five fabulous Extreme Spiritual Self Care packages. Each package is backed with amazing offerings from many spiritual peers who have contributed to support Mary Fran in her battle towards a cancer-free future.

Act now to purchase what is a limited number of tickets! 


Package I

Value $945

• Weekend Stay a the Hibiscus House, Galveston, TX
Sleeps up to 6
• Delicious Gourmet Sweets Welcome Basket
• Restaurant Gift Card package, value $175
• Four Pack of Tickets to “An Evening with Spirit” with Psychic Medium Heather Hildebrand

Package III

Value $1,100

• Body, Mind & Soul Goodie Basket
• Aura Soma Color Therapy & Chiro Care Session with Dr. Geneva Ricano
• Autographed Book Set & Tarot Cards Package by Hay House Author Radleigh Valentine
• Angelic Lullaby Mediations CD & “Color Your Angels” Coloring Books by Sherry Wynn
• Autographed “Songs of My Life…Slightly Out of Tune” book by Intuitive Susan Dintino
• Essential Oil Aromatherapy Gift Basket
• 30-Minute Phone Session with Intuitive Susan Dintino

Package II

Value $1,195

• Custom Archangel Painting Portrait (16×20) painted specially for winner by Artist Laura Brosette
• One Hour In-Person or Phone Session with Psychic Medium Heather Hildebrand

Package IV

Value $905

• Equine Mindfulness & Healing Therapy Session coupled with Reiki Session with Eagala Equine Specialist and Reiki Master Leanne Comeaux
• Aura Soma Color Therapy & Chiro Care Session with Dr. Geneva Ricano
• Animal Communication Session with Donna Norris
• One Month Unlimited Yoga from Yoga Lola Studios, plus Book Set
• Bio-Feedback Session with Life Coach April Ranard

Package V

Value $1,075

• Acupuncture Care Consultation, Chinese Medical Exam, Report of Findings, Acupuncture Therapy, Tibetan Medical Foot Soak with Dr. Deb Bilak
• Foot Detox, Chi Machine, Alignment Massage Mat, Crystal Chakra Clearing & Healing Session with Telly Dreft
• Aura Soma Color Therapy & Chiro Care Session with Dr. Geneva Ricano
• Bio-Feedback Session with Life Coach April Ranard

Raffle Ends February 14, 2020. Limited amount of tickets will be sold!

How it works

Once your ticket(s) have been purchased, we will fill out the ticket for you manually (we have paper tickets) and will take a picture of it. You can either have the image emailed to you or texted to you depending on your choice below. Note that the ticket stub is more of a reminder for you, the purchaser, since once we pull the winners we will have the contact information to get a hold of you directly. The stub is not necessary to win.

Filling out all the information so we have all possible ways to contact you in case you win!


  • Price: $25.00
    Chance to win 1 of 5 packages valued over $5,000 total!
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About Mary Frances

Mary Frances was diagnosed with a rare type of breast cancer known as Inflammatory Breast Cancer early 2019. Only 1%-2% of people are ever diagnosed with this type of breast cancer. This cancer is aggressive, fast spreading and even when caught fairly early has already progressed to at least a stage 3. Hers was diagnosed at a stage 3B. Besides inflammatory cancer, a 4-cm cancer tumor was found in her left breast. Ten lymph nodes under the arm and 6 in her neck were also found cancerous. This is the second form of cancer that can come from the onsite of the Inflammatory Breast Cancer that she was originally diagnosed with.

She has already undergone a rigorous treatment plan which included two different rounds of chemotherapy followed by a full mastectomy, 5 weeks of  radiation twic a day and eventually reconstruction. She also will have to take estrogen blocking medicine for a full 10 years and will be undergoing Immunotherapy, both which also have their own side effects.

Mary Fran is a gifted businesswoman and has been a huge asset to the surrounding communities. Her prestigious work ethics and dedication to success is paramount and has even been written about in periodicals. She has helped companies grow substantially in new and fascinating ways and her attention to detail is bar none. Her passion for the environment and focus on “Green” businesses have inspired many others to follow suit. Her successes led her to take on an executive position with a company going through a transition only months before her diagnosis. When the company suddenly took a different direction, she was out of a job. She immediately started getting offers for interviews with other companies. At that time, she found out she had cancer. Out of honesty and respect, she stopped her interviews knowing she would not be able to fulfill a permanent role with the dedication she is always known to provide.

With her chemotherapy schedule and multitude of doctor visits, she is not even able to pick up where she left off with her own business. Her full-time focus MUST be her health at this time.

We are looking to ease the financial burden over the next phase of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and recovery.

Why she needs our help:

• She owns her own business and is a SOLO entrepreneur and currently cannot work.
• Even though she pays a HEFTY monthly premium for medical insurance ($672 per month), her huge deductibles ($8,000+ out of pocket each year), copays and out of pocket expenses are astronomical. Currently medical has already exceeded $500,000 in 2019 alone.
• Her treatments, surgeries and recovery will be lengthy (going into next year) and having to worry about covering costs is the last thing she needs to be doing.
• Help her come out ahead so she can immediately continue to inspire and help others!