Let’s face it. Life can get hectic. There are a hundred reasons each day to get distracted and miss those loving signs sent from heaven above. But, in those moments they work hard to get our attention and we notice, THOSE MOMENTS are some of the best moments EVER! When I receive one of those gifts, I must say my life is sweeter, my heart is overflowing and my gratitude is through the roof!

Every week is a busy week for me. Just one look at my calendar and you would agree there is a lot in there scheduled to get accomplished on any given day. Something I definitely need to work on is carving out more me time. That is no secret. But, two weeks ago on a Thursday afternoon I was glad to have a few hours at home to get caught up on things. You know, scheduling doctor appointments, answering emails, catching up on laundry and stuff. I was already feeling behind after putting out a few fires and rescuing my mom from being locked out of her house. Just another day in paradise, probably with a little help from mercury retrograde. I was busy doing some work on my computer when I received a private message via Facebook. I opened it up to see if it needed my attention right away. I answered the person’s question and before getting back to my emails I saw a video post that caught my eye. I really did not have time to watch a video but something made me do it anyway.

fathers-love-heather-hildebrandThis video was of a comedian who was talking about how much he loved being a dad and he was sharing video footage from the day of his youngest daughter’s birth.

The video showed this beautiful newborn baby being comforted by the sound of her father’s voice. When she heard him speak to her she would stop crying because she recognized his voice and it obviously made her feel safe in this new world she had just entered in to. Then, when she hears her dad say he loves her she tries with all her might to open her eyes fully and look toward where his voice is coming from.

The video ends with a message from the man about how everyone has times where life feels uncomfortable and sometimes we may even be brought to the point of tears. He then proceeds to say that what is important is to be still and listen to the father’s voice because he is trying to talk to you and what he wants you to know is that he loves you. All we need to do is open our eyes.

Immediately I knew I wanted to share this video. It touched my heart personally as a woman who lost her father over fourteen years ago. I also knew that this man was speaking about God and the unconditional love that he has for us. That it is God’s desire to be there for us. For some reason my first instinct before hitting that Share button was to look at the length of the video. I was not really sure why this was important to do until i saw that the video was 2 minutes and 27 seconds long. You see 27, 227 and 1227 have been important numbers for me for a long time now. My dad was born on February 27th so you can see how 27 and 227 would be significant. 1227 was the house number at my home growing up. This is the house I spent most of my life in after my dad retired from the Navy and we stopped moving around. Every since he passed away in 2001 I will see these numbers randomly. They always get my attention. Clocks, license plates, on the television and even in the middle of New York on the subway. So when I saw the length of the video my heart became warm and I got the tingles all over my body like I had just been hugged by a thousand angels. I knew my dad was trying to get my attention and I was full of joy and appreciation. I said “Thank You” out loud I cannot tell you how many times. But wait, the story gets even better!

In the midst of laundry, dinner and typing up newsletters my mom showed up at my house. She informed me that she had went to the cemetery that day because she was uncertain of what my schedule would be the next day…..WAIT…..WHAT?


At the beginning of the week I knew that September 24th was coming up. September 24th is the anniversary of my dad’s death. Now I don’t usually feel the need to make a big deal about that anniversary. I may post his picture on Facebook as a sign of love or have a quiet conversation with him to let him know how much I miss him. I have visited the cemetery with my mom on occasions, usually to help her with arranging a new set of flowers to adorn his plot but the cemetery is not really a place I feel I need to go to connect with him. But that, that was not the issue here. “Today is the 23rd right? Tomorrow is the anniversary?” My mom quickly corrected me. “No today is the 24th.”

O… M…. G…

First , I felt bad, not because my dad would have been mad that I forgot, but that my mom knew how busy I had been and did not even ask me to go with her knowing that I had been having a lot on my plate. She had obviously even considered going the next day if it would have been good for me but decided not to ask.

phone-screen-shot-heather-hildebrandBut then, I was amazed! I realized that in the midst of my crazy day my dad was able to find a way to reach out and remind me that he loved me. How lucky am I? But to top it off, even though I had failed to remember the anniversary of his death he found a way to connect anyway. And, I know my dad. I know he did that so that I would not feel guilty the next day when I realized my error.

Spirit never ceases to amaze me at the lengths they will go to to prove to us that love never dies. Although connecting with heaven is a daily event for me I never take for granted the beauty and miracle of this type of love. Those moments are blessings forever etched in my memories and I cherish every single one!

Oh and as if this was not enough, on September 27th the anniversary of the day we buried my dad (another significant 27) I was busy working on a project with my daughter when all of the sudden I felt the urge to go find my cell phone. I went to go look for it thinking my husband may have been trying to contact me on his way home from out of town. It had been sitting on my nightstand charging for hours. No missed calls from my husband, but it was 2:27 p.m. on September 27th, 2015. I took a screenshot because who on earth would believe it, right? This girl!

Thank you Dad! I am still feeling the love!


I know I am not the only one who has experienced the outpouring of heaven’s love. What moments has heaven shared with you to get your attention? What ways have you become better at listening when heaven is attempting to say hello? 

Leave a comment below and share your experiences here. Your stories inspire all of us and remind us to pay attention, listen for those small still voices and open our eyes to see love before us! Your experiences may just be what someone else needs today.

Love, Light & Many, Many blessings!