It is that time of year again and school is back in full swing. If you follow social media at all you were probably recently flooded with pictures of bright smiling faces dressed in cute, hand picked outfits all in celebration of the first day of school. There is no doubt by looking at those pictures, backpacks filled to the brim, that a lot of time and energy had went in to getting ready for this much anticipated day. At least that is the experience at my house. But, as much as we prepare ahead of time to have all of the necessary supplies our children will need, it never fails that they come home that first day with much more added to their list…

This year was no different for us, so, after braving the car rider line and picking up my daughter I decided to hit the nearest office supply store to get those last minute things and check it off our “To Do” list. As we quickly grabbed our items, anxious to escape before the crowds hit, I had this feeling that I should pick up a composition book. My daughter assured me she did not need anymore so I picked up my cell phone and called my son to see if he was going to need one. He was certain he was not going to need one and when I questioned buying one anyway he said it would not be necessary. I still felt completely compelled to buy one, but rationalized that it would not get used at home if they did not need it for school and left without it.

Sure enough the next afternoon my son comes home and tells me “Hey mom, I am going to need a composition book after all.” Uh-huh! And that my friends is how intuition works!

Now I know this seems very random and insignificant. Many of you are probably reading this and thinking to yourself…”That’s not intuition. Those types of things happen to me all of the time.” You are right! Intuition happens to you ALL of the time. And that is my point.

My intuition was trying to tell me to buy the stinking book. I failed to listen. Now, I know better than to not pay attention, but in that moment of wanting to get things marked off my “To Do” list I talked myself out of listening.

Intuition is not always practical. It does not always make sense. But more times than none your intuition is actively at work within your soul. It is important to recognize the familiar ways you already experience your intuition so that you can fully embrace it, appreciate it and begin to purposefully use it as a guiding force in your life.

When connecting to your intuition, remember these things:

  • Our intuition is the way God communicates to us.
  • Intuition is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets!
  • Our intuition guides us towards our highest good.
  • Fears and Ego will mimic your intuition so pay attention to what you are receiving. Your intuition is your link to God/Source so it will always speak/feel kind, loving and supportive. The ego feels anxious, sarcastic and sometimes even rude. You have the choice as to what you pay attention to!
  • Doubt and Fear silence our intuition more than anything else. Find ways to boost your faith and clear your fear.
  • When you doubt your intuition ask God and the Angels for additional validation and to bring you clarity about what you feel you have interpreted. God and the angels are very patient and are more than willing to help you build confidence and faith in your own intuition.

What is your intuition telling you? And, are you listening?

Let us know by sharing your experiences below. We believe that in sharing, healing and prosperity occurs.  Be the change!

Love, Light & Blessings,