Personalized Power Prayer

 with Psychic Medium | Spiritual Intuitive Advisor Heather Hildebrand


Heather Hildebrand

For years I have had clients tell me how powerful and healing my prayers are. In one-on-one sessions, I always open with a prayer to create the sacred space.

My clients would often respond that my prayers were everything their heart was needing to express, but they were not even aware of it until I spoke it. This is the love and wisdom of our angels and spiritual team. 

Prayer is simply communication with the divine. But prayer is immensely powerful. As I have told my clients in the past, this is not about religion but about connection. Connection to all of the love and support available to us. 

Personalized Power Prayers offer you the opportunity to receive clarity and divine guidance directly from your spiritual team. This can be just in general what your angels would like you to focus on or know at the moment or specific if you are dealing with particular issues and or challenges at the time.

Heather has channeled several personal prayers for myself and my son. These prayers help with raising our vibration and help us align with what we want to manifest in our lives. When listening to them, I love how it helps us stay in a place of faith and trust instead of negativity and fear. ~ Sherry

How It Works

Step #1 – Complete your payment

Step #2 – Fill out a short form (that will be emailed to you) answering a few questions regarding what your current challenge or struggle is.

Step #3 – Heather will then channel a short yet powerful prayer to help you clear negativity and set your focus on what your spiritual team has guided as helpful and healing specifically for you at this time.

Step #4 – This will be an audio recording anywhere from 2-6 minutes long that you can listen to over and over again to help you maintain a loving focused intention and stay open and receptive to the blessings, miracles and help from the divine.

Investment: $27

Benefits of Utilizing Personalized Power Prayers 

Clear the confusion and get clear direction for your path ahead 

Feel centered, grounded, and focused 

Re-open those channels of receptivity 

Connect to your innate power within 

Align yourself with the highest vibration 

Expand your vision and remember your divine potential 

Heal your heart space from a place of unconditional love

Release fears so that you can lead with intention 

Have my love and support to combine with yours and your angels to manifest miracles, abundance and healing in your life 

Heather’s prayers are so healing and powerful. The first time I met with her for a one-on-one session she suggested I record our session, which I did. I was nervous as I had never had an intuitive reading before but then she opened up the session with prayer and I felt a wash of love pour over me and my anxiousness left. Her prayer gave me such insight and helped me feel more connected to myself than I had felt in a long time. I was so grateful to have the recording of our session. Not only could I listen to my session over and over again but I often would just listen to the prayer to bring me back to a confident, clear, loving space. Heather’s prayers are something magical. ~ Lauren N.