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What if I told you that talking to spirit was completely normal?

That you are meant to have strong, clear, loving connections with loved ones on the other side.

That there is a reason that you are here reading this, right now!

Maybe you have had experiences that you don’t understand.

Or perhaps you are curious about how to stay connected to the afterlife.

Maybe you would like to help your sensitive child understand their experiences, but don’t know how.

Maybe you are already a medium but really want to fine-tune your gifts.

Whatever has led you here, one thing I know for sure is that Spirit always has something to say. We just need to learn how to listen and receive.


I can help you empower yourself with the wisdom and tools through my


•  Gain a clear picture of what Mediumship Is and Is Not
•  Understand your own Intuitive Senses
•  Honor your Sensitivities
•  Create Sacred Space
•  Meet and Work with your Team
•  Make Safe Connections
•  Understand your Symbols
•  Learn Discernment
•  Trust What You Receive
  Maintain a Powerful Connection to Spirit

Get Ready to Make Some Powerful Connections

23 Video Lessons with Four Live Zoom Sessions

I designed this course specifically to offer you the best of both worlds by combining Recorded Training and Live lessons.
During this Four-Week Program I break down everything you need to know about making safe,
yet powerful connections with deceased loved ones on the other side.

Guess what? We will have loads of fun too!


•  23 – Recorded Lessons that you can easily review time and time again.
Value – $588.00

•  4 – LIVE 90-Minute Zoom Calls with engaging exercises and open, extensive Question & Answer sessions each week that allows you the opportunity to gain greater clarity and experience.
These will also be recorded for you to access again and again. Start time 6:30 pm Central
Value – $355.00


•  Prayers & Invocations that will help you create the most sacred space to work from both mentally and physically.
Value – $44.00

•  Specific Affirmations to create powerful intentions and a clear mindset.
Value – $33.00

•  Connections with beautiful like-minded, eager learners to grow and share with.
Value – This Interaction is PRICELESS!

Total Value – $1,020.00

Course start date is January 19, 2021

Live sessions are Jan 26, Feb 2, Feb 9 & Feb 16, 2021

6:30 pm Central


“As a best-selling Hay House author, I have met, and personally know, several amazing mediums. However, the one I turn to when I need guidance is Heather Hildebrand.

Heather is an amazing medium and angel communicator. Her work is precise, specific, and always on point. She is compassionate and kind but also very funny when the situation allows for it. There is a saying in one of my favorite movies “Steel Magnolias.” It goes like this “Laughter through tears is one of my favorite emotions!” Heather is excellent at this gift.

Heather is not only a great medium; she is a brilliant teacher and guide. She can help people through life challenges and is excellent at pointing out what was hidden from us – but then seems perfectly obvious once she’s shown us the signs.

I often recommend Heather on my Hay House Radio Show “Magical Things”, my live streaming show “Ask Rad” and in my newsletter and social media avenues.”

She’s simply the best.”

 ~ Radleigh Valentine,
Best Selling Author – Hay House

“I found Heather online after extensive research. My brother had recently passed and I really wanted some things validated. Heather made me comfortable immediately with her prayer. Then started the reading with a bang. I received validation right away and it continued through the session. Just before I left Heather asked me about a bracelet. Like a kid’s bracelet that you pull colorful beads onto yarn and it has your name on it. I just about lost it! When my brother was in rehab a few years before he passed, he had made me the bracelet she described. Exactly as she had described! I had never shown that bracelet to anyone or even mentioned it to anyone…EVER! I left her office that day a changed person. I have sent many of my friends and family to see Heather and all have been touched by their experience with her.

I highly recommend Heather to anyone who is seeking guidance or clarity or would like to connect to a deceased loved one. She is truly gifted.”

~ Debbie W.
Spring, TX

Meet Your Teacher


Heather Hildebrand is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Coach and Teacher. Over the last 15 years, she has worked with thousands of clients across the globe, helping them to find answers and solutions to life’s most challenging situations.

Her specialty is assisting people in transforming their lives, especially when moving through change, spiritual growth and personal loss.

As a Medium, she has the extraordinary ability to communicate with those who have crossed over into spirit and make meaningful connections for her clients.

As an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and Coach, she connects with her client’s guardian angels, archangels and spirit guides to provide direct, detailed and compassionate guidance that can assist them along their spiritual path.

Her teachings are relatable and down to earth and offer practical guidance that empowers her students as they strive to make significant improvements in their spiritual and earthly lives.

The clarity and accuracy of her connections are impressive, and her big heart and southern charm help clients feel comfortable opening up to receive the love and support that is available to them. 

Heather Hildebrand speaking psychic medium

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am a newbie can I still learn all I need to know?
Most definitely! No experience needed. Just an open heart and an open mind.

I have always been a little fearful of my gifts and I don’t really understand how to control them or use them properly. Will this class help me?
Yes! This class will help you understand your natural gifts and give you the tools to manage your energy and fine-tune your connections. The whole purpose of this class is to take the fear out of mediumship.

I don’t want to be a professional medium but I would like to understand the process of how mediumship works because several of my family members, including myself, have inherited the gift of intuition and making connections. Would this course be a good fit for me to gain a better understanding?
You Bet! You can use the information however you choose and dive as deep or as shallow as you desire into all the topics. This course is designed to empower you with practical and useful knowledge.

What if I cannot make the LIVE ZOOM calls?
No worries, all Zoom training will be recorded and you will have access to those recordings along with the video lessons as long as the course is available. You also have the option to email any questions you may have to info@heatherhildebrand.com so that Heather can answer your questions during the training calls.

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