Hi, I’m Heather

Psychic Medium,
Spiritual Intuitive Advisor,
Coach & Teacher

My Vision & Purpose



I am a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Intuitive Advisor, Coach and Teacher who has worked with thousands of clients across the globe. Over the last 15 plus years, I have thoroughly enjoyed helping clients find answers to life’s most challenging situations.

My specialty is assisting people in transforming their lives, especially when moving through personal loss and change. Whether I am connecting a client with a deceased loved one, channeling messages from angels and spiritual guides, or providing practical guidance for connecting with one’s highest self, I do so with compassion, clarity, and accuracy.

As a MEDIUM, I have the extraordinary ability to communicate with those who have crossed over into spirit and make meaningful connections for my clients.  I connect with my client’s guardian angels, archangels and spirit guides to provide direct, accurate and compassionate guidance that can assist them along their journey of healing and transformation and promote positive change.

As a INTUITIVE SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR and COACH, I offer coaching services to those clients who may need short-term or long-term support along their spiritual path.

As a TEACHER and SPEAKER, I focus on a variety of topics that are useful for anyone wanting to make significant improvements in their spiritual and earthly lives.

What Led Me Here

As a lifelong intuitive, I have always been connected to the spirit of my own intuition. Even in my earliest memories of childhood, I remember consistent conversations taking place in my head and vivid clairvoyance. Although I did not have a name to call it at the time it’s presence in my life was a constant. At times my gifts made me feel afraid and even anxious. Especially when bedtime rolled around every evening. At some point, I realized that my strongest connections were God-centered and even though I was still very young this connection with God naturally increased my faith. I began to find great comfort and confidence in it. Growing up, my intuition never steered me wrong. Still, I did not understand that I was different. I assumed that others shared my abilities, as this was nothing I had asked for, it just came naturally. My spirit, when I paid attention, always knew the truths of situations. My dreams had frequently been a source of information and even prophetic. I quickly learned that sharing this information was not always the best idea. So, I began to keep this communication to myself. Nonetheless, my spiritual helpers became my greatest allies. Their wisdom, guidance, and protection is something I have always cherished and appreciated.

Years passed, I married and gave birth to my first child. Life as a busy working mom was beautiful. But, like most new moms my role of wife and mom consumed most of my time. Soon there were interruptions. Something was trying to get my attention.

My prayers became more powerful as I began to channel what I should ask for help with. I had always had a great desire to love as much as I possibly could while here on this earth. To be of service in some way shape or form. But, this felt bigger, stronger. I could tell God was trying to get my attention.

He was preparing me for something. Something big. I could feel it at my core but I was not exactly sure what it was. My intuition began to increase and strengthen and my spiritual connection deepened. It was after the birth of my second child and the death of my father that the wheels of motion began to turn quickly. It was as if Heaven had opened its gates.

Soon it was clear, the path that I was to take. I began embracing my gifts in ways I had never done before. To say that I was pushed out of my comfort zone was a huge understatement. My passion for mediumship grew even though I struggled with the concept itself. I trusted that God would continue to lead the way and He did.

Committing to my purpose fully, I decided to train professionally. Plunging headfirst my life was catapulted into a career of translating my spiritual gifts into being of service to others. As of today, I have assisted thousands of individuals in bridging the gap between heaven and earth.

In my years of speaking, teaching and giving readings, Spirit has taught me a lot. But one thing has become extremely clear to me and that is that “Heaven Knows.” Heaven always knows. They know what is going on in our lives and they desperately want to love and support us.

They are merely waiting for an invitation. Opening our hearts to exploring our own intuitive potential strengthens the dialogue with our highest self, the angels, and most importantly God/Source. It is the language of love that has the power to change our lives for the better by grounding us in loving truth and guiding our every move.

I continue to trust that God will always guide every aspect of my work. I ask that he guide those to me that I am to work with. For it is through surrendering myself to Him and only those beings of His Love and Light that I am able to make these divine connections, and it is my privilege to be of Love and Service.

Heather is not only a great medium. She is a brilliant teacher and guide ~

“As a best-selling Hay House author, I have met, and personally know, several amazing mediums. However, the one I turn to when I need guidance is Heather Hildebrand.

Heather is an amazing medium and angel communicator. Her work is precise, specific, and always on point. She is compassionate and kind but also very funny when the situation allows for it. There is a saying in one of my favorite movies “Steel Magnolias.” It goes like this “Laughter through tears is one of my favorite emotions!” Heather is excellent at this gift.

She can help people through life challenges and is excellent at pointing out what was hidden from us – but then seems perfectly obvious once she’s shown us the signs.

I often recommend Heather on my Hay House Radio Show “Magical Things”, my live streaming show “Ask Rad” and in my newsletter and social media avenues.”

She’s simply the best.”

 ~ Radleigh Valentine,
Best Selling Author – Hay House

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