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With Psychic Medium Heather Hildbrand

Now is the time to unlock your spiritual gifts  

Step into the power of your own abilities

Gain confidence in making safe, clear and powerful connections to the other side

Learn to trust your gifts during this 3-month mentorship


I can help you safely and confidently embrace your gifts with my


•  Gain a clear picture of what Mediumship Is and Is Not
•  Understand your own Intuitive Senses
•  Honor your Sensitivities
•  Create Sacred Space
•  Meet and Work with your Team
•  Make Safe Connections
•  Understand your Symbols
•  Learn Discernment
•  Trust What You Receive
  Maintain a Powerful Connection to Spirit

 Work Closely With Heather during your 3-MONTH MENTORSHIP.  

Heather shares her 17+ years of wisdom and experience
to insure you step into your gifts with confidence


Mediumship Training Like No Other!

Let’s take the Fear out of Talking to Spirit

After teaching in person for over 17+ years, Heather has poured her heart and soul into creating an online course that offers you the same attention to detail as if you were learning in person. The Recorded Video Lessons break down important topics that you can quickly and easily review time and time again as needed. These lessons, combined with the Live Coaching Zoom Sessions, offer you the best of both worlds and allows you to do it all from the comfort of your home.

Heather Hildebrand


 During this Intensive Program, you will easily access your lessons from your laptop, iPad, or phone

 Enjoy learning from the comfort of your home and from anywhere in the world

 The course material is released one week at a time for you to access privately within our online student academy

 Each lesson is filled with step-by-step training videos that are bite-sized and can be done at your own pace

 You also have access to the links for the LIVE Zoom Sessions right inside the course

 You receive reminder emails when your weekly modules are released, reminders for the Live training sessions, and have access to those recordings as well

 You have an easy form accessible within the course that allows you to send in any questions that you have along the way so that Heather can address your questions in the LIVE training sessions

 Access to course lessons is for as long as the course is available


“Loved the bite-sized video online sessions, this was easy to digest and so good the way Heather explained it all in easy-to-understand plain language. The exercises on the collaboration calls were really good and made me feel more part of the course. Heather’s style is really down-to-earth and very encouraging and with her sharing her experiences I felt more confident. She did make it Mediumship made easy! I am amazed I am doing it and getting results! It’s really uplifting and am happy to be of help to others, hopefully giving them peace and some comfort by passing on messages from loved ones. What a humbling experience being able to make connections.

I definitely feel more empowered and encouraged and confident to make connections and have been practicing with people in the group. Also, because Heather has explained so many different scenarios and had the opportunity to not only ask questions but get them answered has made a huge difference to me especially being in the UK. Wasn’t sure if would feel part of the group as most in the US but I have!”

~ Doreen S.


“Words cannot express how much I loved this class. I had been looking for mediumship training in a safe environment with like-minded individuals, and that is exactly what I found here. Heather was vitally instrumental in helping me develop my own abilities in a caring, sensitive, and practical manner. I felt so focused and relaxed in the class, which made doing this kind of work far easier. The lessons and downloads were clear and concise. I liked that the size of the class wasn’t overly large. I felt my abilities grew in leaps and bounds from this course. I feel I now have the proper tools to communicate with the other side in a very safe and affirming way. The best part of this was the confidence I gained to trust in the information I receive during readings, and not second guess my own intuition..”

 ~ Shaun-Mathui S.

Can I Work at My Own Pace?

Yes! Most Definitely!



That is why you will have access to all course modules and materials for as long as you need. The Zoom Session recordings will be available inside the course for 90 days and downloadable for you to keep forever. So, move through the course in your own timing. This course is yours to use for as long as it is available.


“Heather offers lots of guidance on how to prepare yourself, get in the right space, and how to get out of your own way. She offers lots of different tips and approaches to try to see what works best for you.”

~ Lea G.


“I doubted myself so much with whether I could make connections and be able to validate those connections. Heather provided opportunities to practice readings during the course, which enabled me to see I could make a connection and get accurate validation!”

 ~ Michelle R.

The biggest obstacle we face is our OWN DOUBT.

Learning to trust ourselves and our connections can be challenging, but once you do, it is a GAME-CHANGER!


•  24 – Recorded Lessons (plus Bonus Lesson) that you can easily review time and time again.

•  7 – LIVE 90-Minute Zoom Coaching Sessions filled with engaging exercises, implementations, skill building, practices reviews, and open, extensive Question & Answer sessions personally led by Heather each week, giving you the opportunity to gain greater clarity and experience. These will also be recorded for you to access again and again.


•  Prayers & Invocations to help you create the most sacred space to work from both mentally and physically.

•  Specific Affirmations and Intentions to create a clear mindset and powerful connections.

•  Private Facebook Community – Connections with beautiful like-minded, eager learners to grow and share with.
This Interaction is PRICELESS!

Get The Complete Breakdown!


Building A Solid Foundation

Module One starts slow and steady, building a solid foundation to work from:

    • Gathering the plan of action: How the course works, Where to find and how to access all of
      your resources, How to send in your questions, and more
    • How you can get the most success out of this course personally
    • Understanding the power of love and how that power is the source of your connections
    • Uncover the truths about mediumship and get clear about what it is not
    • The difference between psychic connections and information and mediumship sessions
    • Addressing the question … Is this Safe?
    • Yes, anyone can become a medium!
    • Responsibilities and Etiquette when giving a mediumship reading
    • Responsibilities when receiving a mediumship reading

Session 1

In this first session, we dive right into helping you uncover your doubts and fears. This is so important because we need to gain clarity around them so that we can move past them. Then, we bring to light your natural intuitive strengths through exercises that will help you discover the way that you connect and receive messages. Each week you will experience exercises and engage with materials that will bring forth the wisdom you are looking for and give you the tools to empower you moving forward. Extensive Q&A allows you the opportunity to get the help you need.


Understanding Divine Communication

Module 2 gives you a clear understanding of divine communication:

    • What it is and how it works
    • Understand your own personal intuitive senses
    • Deciphering the information that comes through specifically when doing mediumship readings
    • The three other “Clairs” that most people don’t talk about or know exist
    • Sharpening your techniques in discernment
    • How to stick with the information you are receiving to maintain accuracy
    • Learning to trust yourself
    • The blending of the senses
    • The B.L.A.H. method



Session 2

In this session, we begin to really break everything down so that engaging becomes easy instead of intimidating, normal instead of weird. You gather new ways to relate with confidence as you continue to fill your toolbox with new strategies for connecting. Exercises, Implementation, Review, and Q&A.


Building A Solid Foundation

Module 3 is all about opening yourself up to receive:

    • Figuring out and honoring your sensitivities
    • Psychic Hygiene
    • Intensions- the power of them and how to make them effectively
    • Caring for yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetically
    • Creating Sacred Space for Divine Communication
    • Meeting and working with your team
    • Making the connection
    • Sustaining the connection
    • Cutting Cords

Session 3

In this third session, you put all you’ve learned into practice. Learning is doing, and here we go! We look at many different ways to get the results that you are seeking. Everyone is unique, and it will be important to find what resonates with you and to have options because remember we are building your tool kit. And you want lots of tools!

** BONUS **

Session 5 – 7

These sessions offer a deeper dive, more practice opportunities and engagement to continue your skill building.  This is where your confidence will continue to build and you will step more and more into your power and gifts. 


Tuning In

Module 4 is all about tuning in:

    • Physical Relation and Mapping out your Connection
    • Understanding your Symbols and how they show up
    • Discernment and Trusting what you Receive
    • Addressing the “What if this Happens” Questions
    • Surprise Exercises to stimulate all your intuitive senses and awaken your connection
    • Delivering messages with confidence
    • Mastering your skills

Session 4

 In this four Live session, we move through more practice examples and sessions where you will begin to fine-tune your unique style of connecting. We cover “what if” examples. I verify that you get the answers to any questions you may have and empower you so you can keep doing the work and honing your craft.

Course starts July 1st, 2022

Additional Modules are released each week on Fridays

Live Coaching Session Schedule

July 7, 14, 21, 28 at 7:00pm-8:30pm CT

August 11 @ 7:00pm-8:30pm CT

August 27 @ 10:30am-12:00pm CT

September 22 @ 7:00pm-8:30pm  CT

Who Should Take This Course?

The Curious Beginner

You are being called to explore this part of yourself and discover where your strengths lie. You want to have a safe place to do so and get training from an expert in the field who will lovingly support your own unique journey.

The Ambitious Lightworker

You are aware of all things spiritual and love learning different modalities. You look for good, solid training in anything you study because you take your craft seriously. You may already be an intuitive or healer and are interested in expanding your offerings and the ability to assist your clients in additional forms of healing.

The Already Working Medium

You are already a medium but know the value in continuing to learn and grow. You are excited to learn new and different ways to connect with spirit, to keep your connection strong, and take care of yourself and your energy while being of love and service to others. You like expanding your skillset with new techniques and exercises that work.

Those that Desire the Knowledge to Support Someone Else

You have a child or a loved one who has shared their experiences with you, and you really do not know how-to guide or support them because you have not had experiences yourself and cannot relate. However, you wish you could understand and had tools to help them along their path, whether that be engaging with their gifts or simply understanding what they are and how to control them.


“Overall, I feel I have a stronger connection to spirit and those in spirit. My intuition and senses are heightened and opened up even more. I now know I can connect and know how to set healthy boundaries. I love Heather’s teaching style.”

~ Jamie B.


“This course allowed me to either practice or understand what I may have already been feeling. The added bonus was how Heather shared her personal experiences. This helped me understand mine and what I was experiencing or not experiencing. It helped put my thoughts and fears into perspective.”

 ~ Brunilda C.


What If I Have Questions Along the Way?

You will have questions along the way, but don’t worry! We are prepared and excited to support you step by step.

First of all, inside the course, there is a “Send Me Your Questions” link to make it easy for you to send Heather your questions when they arise.

Each LIVE Zoom session has time set aside for an extensive Q&A session. Can’t make the LIVE Zoom call? No worries. Heather can still answer your questions and you will have the recording with your questions addressed and answered. Recordings can be accessed and listened to time and time again.

You also will have access to Heather’s private Facebook Group where you can connect with Heather, your fellow Mediumship Mentorship students, and previous graduates  who have already been putting the course materials to work in their lives. They are a wealth of knowledge and very supportive as well.

Still have questions? Heather’s team members are always ready to help.

Normal business hours are Monday- Friday 9 am – 3 pm CST, and we’re closed on weekends and holidays. All emails are replied to within 24 hours. Our team can be contacted on our CONTACT PAGE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find the answers to the questions that get asked the most regarding the Mediumship Mentorship Program

What if I am a newbie? Can I still learn all I need to know?

Most definitely! No experience is needed. Just come with an open heart and an open mind. People from all walks of life have trained with Heather to learn the skills of mediumship. Some people want a deeper understanding of how to connect with their loved ones in spirit, and some have been professional coaches, therapists, and counselors who wish to offer a more spiritual approach to their clients. This course is helpful to anyone wanting to embrace their spiritual gifts and be more in tune with the love and guidance that is available to all of us.

I have always been a little fearful of my gifts. I don’t really understand how to control them or use them properly. Will this class help me?

Yes! This class will help you understand your natural gifts and give you the tools to manage your energy and fine-tune your connections. The whole purpose of this class is to take the fear out of mediumship

I don’t want to be a professional medium. Still, I would like to understand the process of how mediumship works because several of my family members, including myself, have inherited the gift of intuition and making connections. Would this course be a good fit for me to gain a better understanding?

You bet! You can use the information however you choose and dive as deep or as shallow as you desire into all the topics. This course is designed to empower you with practical and useful knowledge.

What if I cannot make the LIVE ZOOM calls?

No worries. All Zoom sessions will be recorded. You will have access to those recordings along with the video lessons as long as the course is available. You also have the option to email any questions you may have to so that Heather can answer your questions during the training calls.

What is the guarantee?

You’re Protected with My Satisfaction Guarantee.

Enroll in Mediumship Mentorship with NO RISK to you.

I’m so confident that if you complete all of the course modules and activities, and participate in our group Zoom sessions (or watch the recordings), you will gain the wisdom, tools, and confidence to embrace your skills as a medium. If for any reason you decide that this course was not for you, you can request a refund within 30 days of the start of the course. Just contact us HERE. We will be more than happy to refund your full investment!

How does Zoom work?

Zoom is an amazing platform that allows people to come together and connect! It is very user-friendly. If you are unfamiliar or uncertain about Zoom, here is a test meeting you can use to practice connecting. Click here to try a test meeting: TEST NOW

Meet Your Teacher


Heather Hildebrand is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Spiritual Coach, Counselor and Teacher. Over the last 17+ years, she has helped thousands of clients and students across the globe connect with loved ones on the other side and learn to embrace their own spiritual gifts and claim their power.

Whether she is connecting a client with a deceased loved one, channeling messages from angels and spiritual guides, or providing practical guidance for connecting with one’s highest self, she does so with compassion, clarity, and accuracy.

Heather’s goal is always to be of love and service and support her clients as they move through personal loss or change, creating a safe and sacred space for her students to learn, grow, and share as they make improvements in their spiritual and earthly lives. Her teachings are practical and down to earth and her heart is as big as Texas, where she resides with her family and fur babies.


This Absolutely Life-Changing Program is Valued at $3,220!

But it can be yours today for just …

Enroll in the Mediumship Mentorship 
with NO RISK to you!

I’m so confident that if you complete all of the course modules and activities, participate in our group Zoom sessions (or watch the recordings), you will gain the wisdom, tools, and confidence to embrace your skills as a medium. If for any reason you decide that this course was not for you, you can request a refund within 30 days of the start of the course. Just email us HERE, and we will be more than happy to refund your full investment!