Speaking Engagements

Inspiring, Motivating, Educating, Sharing
I frequently give lectures on a variety of spiritual topics aimed at helping others access their own intuition and spiritual gifts. These can be personalized to a particular subject and audience.

An example of some previous speaking engagements include:

• International Angel Day – Austin, TX
• Angels by Your Side – Houston, TX
• Orbs in Photography – Bay Area, TX
• Mediumship: Talking to Heaven – Texas City, TX
• Understanding the Indigo Child – League City, TX
• Angels & Intuition – San Marcos, TX
• The Energy of You – Dickinson, TX
• Creating Sacred Space – Texas City, TX

I thoroughly enjoy the speaking aspect of my work and strongly believe that we are always learning from one another and from the life experiences we share. As spiritual beings we are constantly evolving and growing. Sometimes those spiritual growing pains can leave us feeling a bit isolated. One may feel alone in their journey or those others may not understand them. It is wonderful to have support as we travel our path. God and the angels supply an unlimited amount of support but let’s face it sometimes it is nice to have earthly support too. One of the things I love about these gatherings is the sense of togetherness it creates. There is nothing more rewarding than having a circle of like-minded individuals to lean on. It always inspires me to see the friendships and connections that are made during these events.