Channeled Messages

Because love will always try to find its way to you.
~ Heather


From time to time, I receive unsolicited information from spirit. Many times, I am told or know who the information is for and I pass on the messages. But sometimes, I receive random information that I do not know who it belongs to. I always try to take the time to write this information down or make an audio recording so that I won’t forget the message. I’m always hoping that I will get it to its rightful owner one day. Sometimes the information comes through dream time, sometimes it is during prayers, and sometimes it is just out of the blue while I am blow drying my hair or driving down the street.   Sometimes, I receive information from the angels that I know is something someone specific is needing to hear. Other times, I receive information from a deceased loved one that is trying to get a message to a friend or family member. I have been guided to share some of these messages here in hopes that they make their way to the person(s) who are needing the message.

Much Love & Many Blessings,

 March 2021
  • I get a name … Buford
  • I see an elderly man, fairly tall and with almost completely white hair
  • I see his posture seems quite straight, standing tall
  • He is wearing a white long sleeve shirt with a tie and a sleeveless sweater on top
  • Prides himself on working hard to keep his mind clear and strong as he aged
  • He purposely exercised his mind to keep it healthy
  • I feel there are wood floors in some room of his home the room where the table is
  • He has a pleasant attitude and personality and is a smart man
  • He loves being with his beloved dog on the other side
  • I can smell his house. The things he would cook and products he would use.
  • There is a female with the SH name that he is trying to acknowledge
  • He closes by giving me a smile and a wink

March 2021

  • I am in another country and there are many people out and about. Feels like a busy town
  • It also appears that something has happened there very recently where damage has occurred to the town
    It seems there are several locations where people are gathered in large crowds
  • Several large buildings in my view are holding large amounts of people
  • There is a woman with short blonde hair who is probably about 5’5” or so and dressed nicely trying to advise people who are walking around
  • Some of the roadways are impassable and even some of the spaces between buildings
  • It looked more like construction had been trying to be done but that the ground was torn up and very uneven. This made it hard to even walk around or through.
  • This woman continued to give words of advice to others, and I felt that everyone was being guided to wait in one of these gathering areas until things were safer
  • My focus stayed on this woman, not because of her role at the time . That is who I felt I was being connected to.
    It was as if a spirit in heaven wanted me to focus on her during this time
  • I also feel that there is a connection to the year 2012 somehow in regard to this person or the loved ones associated with this person
Today I will do whats loving_quotes by Heather Hildebrand
I will lovingly and fearlessly_quotes by Heather Hildebrand

February 2021

  • During my dream time … I am in front of a house talking to a man
  • He is standing next to a pickup truck
  • I hear him tell me 7 Springs
  • I remember asking myself in my head which spring? I felt like my question referred to location and area and maybe not actually the name of a spring
  • He responded with a name I could not remember but I feel may have started with the letter F
  • Then I walked inside the house. There were several people there. There was one or two men that seemed to be with or acquaintances of the man I saw first in my dream
  • Once we were inside, there were other random people inside. This almost made me feel like maybe we were at an open house
  • I noticed there was a section that had been added on or a garage turned in to additional living space. The discussion was that there would need to be upgrades done as the house was in great condition but dated. Specifically, tiled countertops.
  • There was a sense of sadness combined with a knowingness that it was time to let this property go
  • I remember feeling good at this place and wanting to wander into the back yard and see how much land they had
  • At that same time, I found myself walking on a graveled rock road and saw several large semi-trucks
  • To the left and behind where these trucks were parked, there was a set of buildings. I could not figure out if the buildings were an apartment complex, condominiums, or some type of hotel. But again, I was walking with several people to go take a look.
  • I was not with everyone that was in the house but felt I knew who I was walking with
  • I was unclear at the end of the dream if these two connections were separate messages or one
  • I remember before waking I felt the need to look to the right and I just remember the view was pretty and there seemed to be hills in the distance
  • Immediately upon waking, I grabbed my phone to look up and see if there is a place called Seven Springs and indeed there is in Texas and Pennsylvania

March 2020

  • Fields and woods and the smell something burning
  • I hear people talking
  • I see a smaller Toyota truck 4 wheel drive /raised
    Pine trees
  • I feel like there is a home nearby but a distance
  • Someone is acknowledging they were cremated
  • Dividing of the ashes
  • The desire is that those left behind are not bickering
  • Come together with Love
  • Please

April 2020

  • There is a connection to the month of August
  • I see my symbol for Police/Firefighter/ EMT
  • I don’t think they died in the line of service
  • Unexpected passing
  • Something happens and then there is a quick decline
  • Everyone still in shock
  • This is a male energy


January 2020

  • The confusion is gone and my mind is clear
  • This woman appears to be in her 70’s
  • She lived in some type of community living
  • Dementia or Alzheimers began to plague her. It came fast and quick.
  • She is grateful that she did not suffer long
  • She had a beautiful life up until then
  • I hear the name Evelyn and Arthur
  • Not sure of the relation
  • She did like her old jewelry
  • I feel like someone has kept this
  • A younger female may have her middle name

November 2019

  • Chris……I hear the name Chris
  • I see a young boy around 8 years old
  • He wears a striped pullover cotton shirt
  • Playing with toys on a living room floor
  • There is a wooden coffee table next to him. It is stained dark and has a certain type of legs
  • ‘I see a window along the wall behind him with floor-length curtains
  • Mom is in the kitchen cooking……I can hear and smell it
  • I am also hearing Danny
  • I do not know if these names refer to the living or deceased
  • What I do feel is great peace
 November 2019
  • Older gentleman who is very chatty.
    He talks about “Bill”
  • He says he loved life and was a very busy beaver
  • He would have stayed longer to do more but he had a full life
  • He made sure people still listened to him and knew that he still had much to offer
  • I see him living in an upper story apartment with inside stairs I believe
  • He is proud of the way he continued to take care of himself
  • He lived alone for a long time
  • There is a brief time in the service when he was young
  • He loved music and listened to vinyls
  • He cooked for himself and at one time had a pet bird
  • He left behind many people who had grown to love and appreciate him
Today I will do whats loving_quotes by Heather Hildebrand
I will lovingly and fearlessly_quotes by Heather Hildebrand

August 2019

  • Connected with the energy of a little girl
  • Toddler age with blonde hair
  • She pulls and plays with her hair
  • Hair is a little more than shoulder length
  • She was very curious but also liked her solitude
  • Loved to play outside
  • I see other kids playing outside too
  • Not sure what relation they are to her
  • Mom and Dad are struggling
  • Grieving differently since her passing
  • Sheryl or Cheryl connection
  • Police investigation
  • There was a cat she also loved

July 2019

  • Getting connections in a musical way
  • This person loved music
  • She feels like a gypsy spirit
  • She says she found the place she belonged
  • Physically and her tribe of people
  • Gained much knowledge in self care
  • Unfortunately still succumbed to cancer
  • Very rare type
  • Loved by her family but misunderstood
  • She loved reuniting with Great Grandma on the other side
  • Flowing hair and flowing dresses
  • “D” male name or “Dean” is still living
  • She sends her love

May 2019

  • Hispanic woman
  • She holds much regret
  • Says she lived her life anxious
  • Always trying to control things
  • It affected her relationship with others
  • She hated her weight
  • Always felt people judged her
  • She was angry all of the time
  • Wanted so desperately to be loved
  • Left this world in an accident
  • Tragic accident
  • Anger and rage part of passing
  • Legal issues for those left behind
  • I see a jar of peanut butter and tortillas
  • She acknowledges the “L” name
  • Feels like she had 2 daughter and a son

March 2019

  • Young boy olive skin with thick hair
  • He is in a multi-level building with wooden stairs
  • The building almost feels abandoned or run down
  • There is a pale boy with him running up the stairs
  • This pale boy seems to have a different nationality
  • They are playing with something that is not a toy
  • I feel it is dangerous, like a bomb or weapon
  • They know it is dangerous but they are curious
  • I hear other feet running up the steps
  • The boys are startled and fear trouble
  • Then there is an explosion
  • The olive-skinned boy passes
  • A mother mourns his loss
  • He tells her he is sorry
  • His spirit is free
  • He is just as mischievous on the other side
  • He also has befriended a dog in spirit
  • Something I feel he desired to have on earth

August 8, 2018

  • Different colored house….a mixture of light pink, salmon , peach ….seems like concrete outside….not like stucco with texture seemed more smoothe
  • House seemed to be near a busy street ….within close proximity because I can feel the business close by
  • I remember looking up at a tree before heading toward the house…there was a sidewalk and to the right of the sidewalk some type of tree that may have suffered damage at one time or was no longer very healthy…possible palm tree species
  • I enter the home and there is an elderly lady inside. I sit on a couch near the corner chair she sits in so that I can be close to her.
  • She begins to talk to me but I do not know exactly what she is saying but there is a piece of paper with a couple of simple spreadsheets with dollar amounts on them and she seems t be talking about this.
  • I feel that I am supposed to help her and as she looks at the paper I begin to think that this does not make sense what she is saying so I begin to explain to her what the paper is saying so that maybe I can help her resolve whatever issue she is having ( assuming she is trying to figure out money that has been spent or somehow trying to balance her account).
  • We end up walking down a long hallway and take a left into a bedroom that does not have much furniture in it…a twin or possible trundle bed sits flush against the wall
  • I realize at this time that she is blind…..her attitude begins to change once I realize this…almost as if she is immediately agitated and afraid. It makes me think that others may have taken advantage of her being blind and she does not trust me. I want to help her nonetheless.
  • We begin to head back to the hallway I am assuming to head back to the small living room but when we do I experience the energy of a young child that has passed away. Female maybe 4-7 years old. I see her dressed in a white dress with white frilly socks and white patent shoes.
  • This kind of startled me and I woke up…said some prayers for all of the souls and returned to sleep where I immediately met the energy of an older male who was chewing on straw or long piece f grass or something.
  • Then a brunette haired woman spoke and told me that his ( the man I just saw) other grandma is named Leeja. Not sure of that spelling or the significance but this was the end of the message.

April 23, 2018

  • In the middle of dream time…I found myself in someone’s living room……
  • I was standing in there with someone….a woman I believe
  • All the while someone from spirit is telling me “It’s in the Litmus Science book”
  • What?
  • “It’s over there in the Litmus science book”
  • I am still not understanding …so they repeat again “It is in the Litmus Science book”
  • I feel like I am looking for the book and thinking it is probably not in the living room and want to go through the other rooms of the house
  • At this point, I woke up
  • Of course, I immediately grab my phone to see if there is such a book and there is. There are also so science writers whose last names sound familiar to Litmus…..EX: Litzman
  • I have no idea what this message is all about but it was very Short, Sweet and to the Point

April 2, 2018

  • I am connected to a grandmother energy
  • There are many left behind that she calls family but points out to me a granddaughter that is special to her
  • This granddaughter grieves dearly over her loss …..her grandmother was HER PERSON
  • There is also a connection to a Sarah or a female “S” name
  • I see an old hat …..white or cream in color with a flower adorned on the side and some decorative netting falling down the front. I know the hat is connected to the grandmother
  • There is a disconnect with some of the family members
  • Grandmother wants this granddaughter to know that she is fine and that there is no need to worry about her and that she still sends her love all of the time
  • There is something about pasta…but the pasta feels plain without a sauce or maybe only butter on it
  • She also tells me that she did not drive…I do not know if that means ever or just in the years before her passing.

I am powerful quote by Heather Hildebrand
I choose to stretch quote by Heather Hildebrand

March 27, 2018

  • Marsha, Marsha, Marsha…Not sure how this name is connected or if referencing The Brady Bunch
  • I feel connected to several energies on the other side. An older man and two ladies ….feels they know each other/related.
  • There are issues with dementia, Alzheimer’s
  • Someone may also have had Parkinson’s disease
  • Someone used to bowl and someone smoked
  • One of them was a good cook…… self-proclaimed
  • There has been a lot of unhealthiness in the family ….diabetes, high blood pressure
  • Make better choices and take care of your vessel…..the only body you have
  • They say some have already learned this lesson while others have their head in the sand
  • They remember the fun times, their minds are whole and complete
  • They love you so much!

March 13, 2018

  • Always wanted to be a millionaire
  • Got too focused on the money
  • Lost track of the important things to some degree….spent so much time at work and chasing the dream
  • This is a male energy who left too soon
  • A combination of things led to his death
  • Although he tried to take car of himself….watching weight etc ….he would drink energy drinks , caffeine and got little sleep
  • Feels like something quick took him…heart attack, stroke, aneurysm
  • He has children that he left behind and a relationship with a woman that was a little complicated
  • Had regrets but has found peace on the other side
  • Mid to Late Fifties when he passed
  • I think there may be a FR / Frank / Franklin connection either living or deceased
  • He hopes his family learns from his mistakes and balances head and heart more appropriately
 January 27, 2018
  • Tod/Thomas
  • Young man
  • Used to play sports when he was young ….soccer I think
  • There is something about his eyes that seem so genuine and calm
  • I think at one point he may have wore glasses
  • Great sadness when he passed ….spread wide and far …more than he realized
  • But…also came good… ways of thinking and maybe people prioritizing their lives better…making things count
  • Seems so laid back and off the radar….I think he preferred it that way
  • He touched and touches more lives than he will ever know

January 7, 2017

  • I have a vivacious lady here who has many people she left behind …however is reaching out to what she calls her “Ethel”…SO I am assuming she is her “Lucy”
  • “Ethel” has experienced a health scare and “Lucy” is reaching out to love and support her from the other side
  • I see lemons…..something about using the juice or drinking water with lemon…this is a healthy move she says
  • She does not want you to fear this cancer she says…Your path does not have to be what her’s was…..focus on surviving and when the fear of death creeps in just know it is not your time and you WILL beat this
  • I see golf clubs
  • I hear laughter
  • I see bright colored clothing and lipstick to match
  • I smell perfume
  • Someone broke a bone…I am not sure who but this is a memory she is validating
  • And someone is fond of Baskin Robbins icecream
  • She tells “Ethel” to be good to herself and remember the fun and laughter they shared so much of the time
  • She says thank you for being such a good friend to me
  • I love you

December 5, 2017

  • Taj Mahal, I’m not sure what this reference means
  • Glory …I hear the word/name
  • I see an older man who often more white pants….linen possibly  and it seems a red shirt
  • I feel he spends a lot of time outdoors…his happy place
  • It looks as if there is a small white concrete building with a door….and looks like a small garden next to it
  • I am not sure if this is some type of shed or garage or if he lives in a small house
  • He is very handy and has a mind filled with solutions to match any outdoor issue that might arise
  • He turns to me and smiles and offers me a piece of wrapped candy
  • And then he fades away …..but the smile stays with me

November 11, 2017

  • You called me cranky
  • I got on your nerves
  • But then you missed my presence
  • I forgive you, my daughter…I know you had much stress on your shoulders
  • Do not carry shame or regret …just be happy ….as much as you possibly can
  • I know I did not always make things easy for you
  • Often mothers and daughters are too much alike and friction can arise from time to time
  • Take carry of my great-grandbabies  and kiss them for me
  • When you think of me, know that I love you more than you know
  • It feels to me that this mother lived very close to her daughter if not with her for several years before passing
  • Daughter would benefit from allowing herself to rest….taking care of herself is a necessity at this point

I forgive all quote by Heather Hildebrand

October 2017


  • Stars, Stars, Stars…I feel like I am up amongst them. I have never had this experience before so I am not sure what it means…..but I would say that there is some sort of connection with stars in regards to this deceased loved one.
  • They would have either had a fascination with or would say they would see you among the stars etc….
  • Aside from the fascination with the sky and stars, I feel there is a huge love and appreciation for the outdoors. The surroundings I see are beautiful but I do not exactly
    know where this is. I feel I am surrounded by the best of it all…..water, mountains,
    woods/trees. TALL trees and crisp air.
  • They are acknowledging an issue with jaw or bone in the mouth. Not sure if that has anything to do with passing or if it may be a validation to someone living.
  • And I see a man who has facial hair….beard.
  • Real outdoors type…..flannel shirt but not the normal red kind.
  • I must say there is much peace that resides within his soul. I also think it is important that that message is heard.
  • I feel the signs you receive from him are unique…first fallen snow, leaves, the smell of something burning….not sure if it is leaves, bonfire, or bbq pit…..but something significant to the smoke…oh and don’t forget the stars.
  • He knows you miss those hugs….but just know you are wrapped in his arms all the time. XOXOX

August 2017

  • Rain
  • I keep seeing rain. Rain is significant either to the day of his passing or funeral.
  • He likes the rain….he hopes you find comfort in it when it comes.
  • I see a motorcycle and an open field in site…..I feel like he rides wild and free now.
  • This was unexpected and many things feel left undone …words left unsaid.
  • Let this be a reminder of how we should be living every day… not put off the things that should be said or done…not only because tomorrow is not promised but it is important to move out of your uncomfortableness.
  • He acknowledges a baby was born after he passed. Beautiful Blessing.
  • Ro- there is a name he acknowledges that starts with Ro
  • I also get the feeling August has another meaning other than his passing ( hmmm I guess he passed in August) …so there may be a birthday or anniversary that also takes place.
  • I see shoes …tennis shoes….someone likes tennis shoes
  • Then I see him making a muscle…this, to me, signifies his strength and that he is okay on the other side
 May 2017
  • Mom
  • Had a long life….she laughs to me about her wrinkles and glad she no longer has to put up with them
  • Thin woman…shows me the chair she used to always sit in at home. It feels butted up close to a wall.
  • She feels petite to me ….but I only see the top half of her sitting in this chair so I am not really sure of height.
  • She wears the polyester or pull up pants with the button up soft, silky, shiny shirt.
  • Her hair is cut short…salt and pepper. Okay, maybe more salt than pepper.
  • She has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh.
  • Loves her shows on T.V.
  • She likes nuts..pecans or something …it is one of her snacks
  • Simple kind of gal
  • She may have bowled back in the day or at least spent some time in a bowling alley watching/supporting someone else.
  • Someone in the house used to smoke…not sure ….maybe it was her…but I can smell it
  • She loves her kids and grandkids…they were always busy but someone always checked in with her
  • She is happy in heaven spending time with loved ones who passed before her.
  • They still enjoy playing cards and telling stories and giving each other a hard time.

March 3, 2017

  • Such incredible sadness is being felt.
  • Brings a different meaning to March Madness.
  • This actually feels close to home ….for me…like Houston connection.
  • I see the city…I feel the business and I feel someone left behind just needs it all to stop or at least slowdown.
  • Everything seems to be going so fast and I feel I cannot keep us. This is a female who was left behind. This is what she calls it as she does not really know how to navigate without him.
  • He asks her to BREATHE …one breath at a time and focus on one step at a time.
  • She feels like hiding from everyone but he knows she needs others….he is helping her
    to pay attention to those who can truly help.
  • This feels like an impact(the loss) and sudden and a whirlwind.
  • She is numb and frozen and her mind can’t keep up with what the physical world needs of her.
  • It won’t be this way forever. I did not just leave… love is still here for you. It always will be.
  • Her dogs are her saving grace right now he says. This is good. I visit you in your dreams and remind you of my love.

February 2017

  • At the beach ….early morning walking along picking up treasures from the shore.
  • A woman in her forties I would guess. Beautiful….just beautiful.
  • Brunette, thick luscious hair ….she does not know her true beauty but everyone else saw it.
  • It is only matched by her huge heart.
  • She continues to take pleasure in the simple things on the other side and I feel she left others with the same appreciation here.
  • She was/is the kind of woman who can calm you down with her presence and smile and instantly make things feel better.
  • She leaves behind a husband and two daughters.
  • Her daughters have different paths and interests yet support each other fully.
  • Life is beginning to take each of them in different directions but they are all three committed to keeping family a priority.
  • This may be challenging but is doable with patience and compassion.
  • The Large family dog is getting older.
  • So many blessings they have already experienced in life and Mom was a big part of most of them.
  • She was almost perfect. That is how they saw her.
  • Sickness came and she handled it with grace and even used her battle to inspire, encourage and educate others.
  • She asks her daughters to be patient with dad and open to him finding love again ….his heart is lonely and he does not even know yet that this void will need to be filled.
  • I see sand dollars and sea glass
  • I hear music playing in the background
  • Her wish for you is JOY. Chase it, Choose it, Become it!

January 2017

  • I hear nursery rhymes….all the oldies and goodies
  • This is a young girl…and it actually surprises me that she knows all of these…not necessarily the norm now of days
  • She is full of energy, loves to play, likes the park/playground, but in all honesty, it feels there is nothing that she is not interested in.
  • She has a passion to know things ….a grand curiosity…which means, whether she realizes it or not, learning…..
  • She does good at school but is bored with traditional teaching and tries to carve her own path…..she does so without getting into trouble much….but she definitely does not go unnoticed
  • Everyone knows her
  • She often wears dresses…but only when she is in the mood
  • Her hair is beautifully soft with it’s own natural highlights
  • I would say she is no more that 8 years old
  • I feel after her passing people may have commented about how much life she squeezed in in her short years and although those words don’t bring comfort to mom and dad it did make some sense.
  • She is her same self on the other side…still eager to learn and experience
  • I feel like she gifted one of her parents a special coffee mug that still proudly takes its place in the cabinet.
  • There is mention of fingernails …biting them, keeping them clean etc.. and on occasion painting them.
  • Such an independent spirit…always wanting to do everything on her own.
  • I do know she has a younger brother and possibly more siblings. For some reason I feel the brother is pointed out.
  • This loss seems fairly recent …within last couple of years.
  • She blows kisses as she runs off to play.

September 7,  2016

  • This information came to me as I had just gotten into my office preparing for in-person clients for the day.
  • Sibling passed
  • Hispanic male
  • He has two living sisters he would like to acknowledge
  • They are mad at his passing not necessarily at him
  • But…..his actions and his choices played a role in his death
  • The sisters thought they had gotten through to him
  • He had begun to change…..positive steps forward
  • One slip up and BAM he is gone
  • Gone way too soon
  • He says his sisters feel very stressed
  • He asks them to stop and take a breath and move through one thing at a time
  • There is a Daniel I believe connected with this family
  • I also feel the need to acknowledge a young boy seems to be between 4-6 years old

June 2016

  • Young teen boy…..I would say anywhere from 15-18 years old
  • Tall and lanky
  • I think he may have worn glasses
  • I see him standing behind a couch. Not sure if this is his house but others are with him.
  • Could be a family get together or just time at home with immediate family.
  • The boy tells me he has MARFAN syndrome. (I had to look this up to see if it was a real thing…and it was!)
  • I feel this boy has passed.
  • He has such a joyful, infectious spirit!!
  • I keep seeing the same vision of him walking behind the couch…almost galloping. His arms are extended as if maybe he is mimicking birds. He keeps moving throughout the room in this manner.
  • He makes me feel that he did not necessarily pass from MARFAN syndrome but maybe complications from it..? I don’t understand this completely.
  • I feel complete joy in his presence and feel that this family time is his favorite. Almost feels celebratory.
I have the freedom quote by Heather Hildebrand
I utilze my wisdom quote by Heather Hildebrand

May 2016

  • Young girl 3-5 years old
  • I see her in a mid-sized SUV in a driveway
  • She is trying to climb out on her own
  • She likes to do things on her own
  • Very independent
  • Her hair is pulled back in what looks like a pony tail or pig tails
  • One of her grandmothers had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her
  • Possibly even babysat for her on a regular basis
  • The loss of this little girl seems quick, unexpected
  • She is so joyful, beautiful giggles fill the air
  • The grief is so deep and it is as if those suffering are all trying to be strong for each other
  • Someone feels that there loss is deep but someone’s is deeper and they don’t know how best to support them
  • This sweetheart is such a ray of sunshine
  • I see this house clearly and keep seeing the same image in this driveway
  • Driveway may be the type that goes along the whole side of house where garage is detached and sits behind and to the side of the house
  • Take one day at a time
  • One foot in front of the other
  • You will have more children ….at least one
  • You have enough love in your heart for this
  • You do
 May 2016
  • Madeline/Maddie
  • This name stands out
  • I see a young teenage girl
  • Vibrant, happy, smiling
  • Dad is taking her passing very hard
  • There is other family left behind
  • However today the focus is on dad because he has recently had a very rough time
  • Angels draw close to him
  • He needs to let go
  • Release the anger
  • Say the things you need to say
  • Find someone who can listen without judgement or at least talk this all out with God/Creator
  • All of these negative emotions are normal and you are not judged by this
  • You are going to have to push through this pain to get to peace
  • Maddie is trying to take care of you
  • Reaching out to hold your hand
  • She says her younger sister still needs you
  • Choose to stay….to live…to be happy
  • It is okay to be happy
  • It makes her smile
  • Water is significant
  • I see sunshine, water, birds in the sky
  • Find your happy place again Dad
  • I love you

March 2016

  • Man- middle age.
  • His son has passed away
  • I see a church with a big membership
  • Large crowds
  • Ashes from son are wrapped in small papers folded and sealed – the size is similar to a tea bag or the folded papers that live butterflies come in for release
  • A lot of emotions here…A lot of different emotions…
  • Gratitude, appreciation, joy are all mixed with the sadness and pain
  • It is important for everyone gathered here in this large church to be here and to join in this celebration of life
  • Dad feels support from them and it feels as if he want to show appreciation
  • Everyone gets a small pack of these ashes and head outside together
  • Looks like this could be a church playground or some type of park-like setting.
  • This could be on same property as facility or near…within short walking distance
  • Hundreds of hundreds of people are in attendance
  • Everything goes smoothly
  • Ashes are scattered in unison
  • It feels this event did not occur immediately after passing
  • Dad has some gray hair and feels like he wears glasses at times
  • Dad needs to know his son is Free, Happy and very much at Peace
February 8, 2016
  • Dad energy is with me
  • I am picking up on a Price/Prince/Pierce name. ( Not sure the connection)
  • He is showing me his son that is still here living.
  • Handsome young man.
  • Lovely olive skin tone.
  • He acknowledges mixed race of some sort.
  • Son has beautiful waves to his hair.
  • Tells me son is in need of support right now.
  • This is a pivotal time in his life right now.
  • He feels stressed.
  • Decisions to be made.
  • Feels he needs to be strong for others.
  • Especially younger sibling(s).
  • Dad is trying to ease his mind.
  • Replace burdens with peace.
  • Not everything is your responsibility, son.
  • Please take care of yourself and love yourself through this.
  • You are important in every way and your happiness, health, success and peace of mind is just as important as anyone else.
  • Not everyone will understand you and that is perfectly okay.
  • Do not give up on your dreams and please trust those feelings your gut tells.
  • I love you!!

February 1, 2016


Now this is a FIRST!

  • I connected with two energies. One was a male that looked to be in his forties. He had dark hair, mustache and goatee. He was wearing a black fitted t-shirt that seemed to be his style. Very fit individual. Obviously paid special attention to appearance.
  • The other male was a little younger, brown hair (lighter than the other man) Grey fitted shirt with what appeared to have a small rolled up sleeve around the bicep area. This gentleman kept popping up behind the first one.
  • Every time the first man would talk the second would pop up and interrupt him. Seriously!! I am not even kidding!!!
  • I heard the names Tony and Frank. Then separately I heard Rich or Richard.
  • Unfortunately they kept talking over each other and I could never make heads or tales of who was who or who they were trying to get a message to.
  • This must have went on for 4-5 minutes before they both gave up and their energy left.
  • These two had the presence of wisecracking jokers. They were hilarious to say the least.
  • I have a feeling that their loved ones will know this was them because this is exactly how they would have behaved when they were here.
  • Always a first time for everything!

January 3, 2016


  • Vision of a nurse or possible physical therapist or healthcare practitioner.
  • Everyone loved her. Everyone. She was a giver and helped others even outside her profession.
  • Wonderful listener and had sage wisdom and grace.
  • I see a woman who was friends with her and worked with her. A little heavy set. Not sure if she is still living or deceased as well but I do feel they were close.
  • I do believe this woman left behind a family. I feel a daughter. She may have been divorced… not feel a romantic partner at the time of passing.
  • She had a huge heart and that love still pours out to those she loved.
Time is my friend quote by Heather Hildebrand

December 2015


  • Roland, Ronald or some type of R-O connection
  • Male energy late 50’s I am assuming
  • Shows up in a brown suit and sitting outside on a picnic table with his briefcase and maybe some lunch.
  • I have a feeling this would either be a habit for him or a special place to him that he wants to acknowledge.
  • There is a woman who was very special to him he wants to acknowledge. M name….maybe Margaret, Marilyn
  • This view he shows me seems dated….Early 80’s possibly…..Maybe even late 70’s
  • This woman was a very close friend possible also a romantic connection. He makes me feel that he felt very misunderstood by most people ….however this woman always treated him with kindness, compassion and unconditional love.
  • His heart goes out to her as he shows me he left too soon.
  • He shows me a jewelry box which is significant.

August 26, 2015


  • Information came through dream where 2 dreams merged
  • I was guided to a place that looked to be a store. I went to a specific aisle that seemed to have a mess on the floor and felt I should clean it up.
  • Felt like there were bicycles near me.I am assuming for sale.
  • I got down on my knees and began using my hands to sweep up pieces of material and stringy typed pieces.
  • As I continued to sweep it all together I noticed that there were pieces of clothing and a piece that looked liked it belonged to a backpack but not the whole backpack.
  • I looked up toward these bicycles and saw what looked like the rest of the backpack.
  • I looked back down at what I had scooped up and saw a name written in black sharpie marker across a gray piece of material. Feels like this would have maybe been part of the backpack or could be a piece of clothing. I remember reading the name ….felt like there was first and last name. I remember a C but by the time I woke up and went to write it down I could not remember the name. Was in trying to get the name but I could not recall it. Left me frustrated.
  • Right at that moment when I was trying to memorize the name I felt that a boy was missing. Someone is looking for this boy.
    Then I heard crying coming from a specific area close to me. I get up to find the where the crying is coming from and see white closet doors that are closed. I open them and inside is a toddler boy crying. He is covered with a pillow case over his head. The feeling I get is that someone was trying to hide him, howeve, I do not feel that this is the same boy that the clothes and backpack belong to. It is not the same size, age, race etc….
  • The boy in the closet looked to be Hispanic. Dark skin and dark hair and although I did not see the boy who the backpack belonged to I feel he is caucasian and dark blonde hair.
  • Once I awoke my energy was in trying to get the name but I could not recall it. Left me frustrated.

August 2015


  • Information came through dream
  • Young man possibly 20’s Short brown hair with tattoos on his neck
  • Then I see the name either Tad or Ted ….I do not think necessarily that the tattoos say this name but they could.
  • He is standing next to a vehicle.
  • He picks up a little girl and holds her up close to him.
  • She definitely feels comfortable with him. I am not sure if this is his daughter or niece??
  • This little girl has light brown hair with waves/curls toward the ends of hair.
  • He is trying to talk but seems he is distracted a bit.
  • Not sure the significance of the way he shows me himself. Could possibly be a picture of him by this car??
  • I feel there is a significant female he is acknowledging. She has brown hair as well. Long.
  • Feel his death is more recent.
  • Seems his energy faded quickly as if he is still fairly new to the other side.

July 12, 2015


  • Awake Connection
  • I hear the name Stacey.
  • I see a snapshot of a photograph feels like high school photo maybe. Blonde hair. Feels like the 1980’s.
  • Unexpected and tragic passing.
  • Parents could never make sense of it.
  • Everyone who knew her loved her and this left a big whole in a lot of hearts.
  • She is at peace. She is fine and she needs them to know that.
  • She says focusing on her death does no good. Need to let that go and focus on all the good. There was lots of good and wonderful memories.
  • This is how I wish you to remember me. Happy and smiling.
  • There is question around a male energy that they feel is connected some way to her death.
  • She again says….my death will never truly make sense. Please keep close to your heart the love we shared and allow the sorrow to slip from your mind.
  • I know how much you love me. Always did and always will.

June 16, 2015
  • A sweet blond headed boy visited with me and told me his daddy was with him.
  • Dad crossed shortly after his son.
  • They say that their family has experienced a lot of loss in a short period of time.
  • I also see a car wreck as well. Not sure if this is how they passed or not.
  • I feel there has been multiple deaths in the last three years and it has been hard for those left behind to make sense of anything and keep moving
    forward. The dad tells me there is still one child of his living.
  • He sends lots of love and peaceful energy to this child. Female I believe.
  • Especially at night time because that has always been a struggle for her.
  • The little boy loved trucks. The plastic kind not metal. Loved the sand and dirt and mixing water and dirt was his favorite!
  • Dad has lighter colored hair and a buzz cut hair style and the boy has thicker blonde hair with cute bangs.
  • The boy is probably four or five years old and the dad looks like he is in his thirties.
  • I feel there are some grandparents still living and if mom is still living she may be ill.
  • I see other younger family members trying to decide who will take care of the daughter.
  • I also see that the one who really wants her may not seem like the first choice. Not because she is not capable or would care well for the child but more from an age and or financial status. She should not be ruled out at this time and a decision does not have to be made extremely quick.
  • Within three months everyone will feel more certain about things.
  • They both send their love and acknowledge the person who either carved their names in wood or wrote in cement.

June 4, 2015


  • The message today takes me to a location of homes set in a very wooded atmosphere.
  • This is not your normal subdivision of homes but rather a road that circles at the end and within the large circled piece of land sits two homes whose backyards connect.
  • There is no fence to divide the two properties and because of the location of these homes (more secluded) the neighbors seem to know each other very well. It feels like there may be a total of ten or more homes within the vicinity.
  • My attention however is drawn to the backyards of these two homes withinthe circle.
  • The energy is hectic and those around are fearful.
    There has been some type of gun/weapon shot. There are injuries and there is fear of who still holds the gun.
  • Children are out and about and the parents immediately try tp protect the kids. One of the kids was harmed.
  • The parents seem not to know where a safe place will be as it seems that the one firing was amongst the neighbors.
  • They are very confused and were not suspecting any ill or harm from this
    person. Still there is confusion as to who truly fired and if it was an accident or not.
  • The child was not intended to be hurt. Quickly police were called and authorities showed up.
  • The feeling is confusion and loss.
  • An elderly man gives me this information. He is on the other side. He knows of these people and shares in the sorrow of this tragedy but fails
    to tell me how he is acquainted. I ask him why he shares this information.
  • He knows these families and he hurts for them.  He says time will ease this pain but he knows they will also never be the same. Doors are now
    locked and trust has been damaged. Praying for love to heal these wounds.

May 5, 2015

>>> Bill

  • I connect with a male energy who calls himself Bill.
  • He loved birds and even had large home made cages that he made outside to hold larger varieties of birds.
  • That was his haven. He left a wife behind that is lost without him.
  • She needs help with daily things but it is not obvious yet to those who love and checked on her.
  • She is hiding things well but soon will become apparent.
  • He has a military past as well as his father who he has connected with on the other side.
  • He also holds the baby that he and his wife lost many years ago.
  • They were never able to have any children of their own but loved the children they did have in their life.
  • He used to smoke cigars but gave them up.
  • He still sings to his sweet bride and sometimes she hears him.
  • This is true not a delusion.
  • She likes daisies and he would love her to have some fresh ones from time to time.

March 3, 2015


During vivid dream time, I connected with the following individuals. What is interesting about this experience is that I first assumed (you know what happens when you do that) that these individuals must have known each other or been from the same family, but no. I was wrong. The setting was outdoors, gathered around many picnic tables set in front of a small trailer turned into a stationary food truck of sorts. The sun was out and the birds were singing as I met with each of these wonderful souls who were enjoying their various snacks and had a lot to say. When I questioned them being together, their response was surprising. They were not all together because they were related. They were simply making it easier for me by coming together and meeting in one place. Well, there you have it!

• First, I met with a beautifully red-headed young lady. Her face was blessed with many freckles and her smile made her cheeks light up like headlights. Her spirit was sweet and gentle but not shy. She wanted to be first. She is a young teen/tween. Her parents miss her dearly and still struggle to understand and make sense of her passing. This was a tragic passing. I see her blowing on some sort of instrument. She had many interests and very creative. Seems there is a younger brother still living. I feel where she lived there would have been tall trees in the area and she would have liked to have spent time outside. She is very comfortable in heaven and made a smooth transition. She was met by a loving grandmother energy as well as other deceased loved ones. She experiences nothing but peace.

• Then I met a woman who was wearing black pants and a white buttoned up shirt. She had long dark hair that was wavy- curly. There is beauty in her simplicity. She tells me she left too soon. Female lower cancer such as ovarian/uterine. She left behind three children and she knows the father worries whether their two daughters should fear the same early demise because of inherent risk. I feel the son is the youngest and the father worries that he won’t remember his mother. The is a C connection to this family. Her main message is that she wants her husband to move forward in life. Do not stay stagnant and stuck in grief. Do not be afraid to fall deeper into love and want more for yourself. She admits she held back. Did not experience love to its fullest in regards to relations with her husband and she now sees what she missed out. She wants him to find the one who will love him FULLY, Truly, Madly , Deeply. It will be healing and beautiful for the entire family. The family will grow either because they opt to have more children or she comes with children from a previous marriage. There is a church connection, a sense of faith and feeling that at some point the organization itself let someone down. But God did not. Remember this and do not let it hinder your relationship with God. Know she sends love and support and that she stayed as long as she could.

• Last, I connected with an elderly woman who was not afraid to tell me like it is/was. She is boisterous and full of energy and holds nothing back. She tells me that others sometimes considered her demanding and then relays a funny story about making someone change tile and or stone that was being laid. One tile she made them change the direction it was laying and no one could believe she was serious, but she was! She wanted what she wanted and by golly she would get it. She was a snazzy dresser and at one time had a dog that was her BABY! This dog is on the other side with her. Dog is a mixed breed with what looks like could be a shih tzu type face. She loved Christmas but says she was not always the best at picking out the perfect gift. She had a love for life even though she could tend to be annoying.


February 28, 2015

>>> Parents ( Grandparents)  passed fairly close together in time.

  • They show me a family/ family member’s home that is two story and close to or on the water.
  • Also there is a deck and hot tub for sure with a possible swimming pool as well.
  • Home is two stories and at some point there is moving of dirt to level property and or fix/ prevent wash out of some sort.
  • Feel there has either been flooding at one time or wash out from water from ocean/ lake that is close or attached to home.
  • I see small children and feel friends gather here as well. There is something about Taylor Swift.
  • Feel there is someone in the family that is a fan and/or planning to attend a concert?
  • There is a need to know that they are at peace and together.  They say we are and we are happy.
  • They hold hands and smile and pour lots of love and energy on those they have left behind.
  • They are talking of a need to let go of worry specifically about decision making since their passing.
  • Turn to prayer and wait to make decisions when you are feeling in a peaceful state.
  • Time will ease the hurt. Keep our love in your hearts.
  • All is well.
I will stand in my power quote by Heather Hildebrand
It is easy for me to stay quote by Heather Hildebrand
    November 30, 2014

    >>> Male Energy – Husband & Father

    • He has blonde hair and beard with a slight reddish tint. Hair is somewhat long – about shoulders length.
    • He has a wife and daughter living.
    • I know he owned a jeep-like vehicle and showed me flooding in an area.
    • Not sure that the flooding is the reason of his death but may be. Feel the jeep vehicle may also be attached to the passing. For sure  I know that the vehicle had been stuck before in wet soil. I see his wife and daughter in what has the feeling of a log home. May not literally be a log home but they definitely live in a more rural area and a large creek/small river is close by.
    • He is an outdoors type but also likes vehicles.
    • There is a T connection either living or deceased.
    • Daughter favors her father and wife also has light colored hair.
    • He extends his love and hates that he left them so soon.
    • He knows they will be taken care of and he does what he can from the other side to love and support them.
    • Feel there may have been a male D that was helpful after his passing.
    • Feel he has been gone for several years. Possibly around 5 years.
    • I see a Texas connection.