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What is a Reading?
Basically a reading is the appointed time for me to channel all of my energy, intuition and focus on you. Readings provide divine connections to your deceased loved ones, angels, guides and spiritual helpers. They offer validation, valuable insights, inspiration and guidance in every area of your life.
Are telephone readings as effective as in person?

Yes, telephone readings are equally effective. I have offered phone sessions since I began doing professional readings over 15 years ago. This was necessary to meet the needs of clients who simply lived too far away to schedule in person. I have clients all over the globe and adapt scheduling for all time zones. Until recently I also had a private office for those clients that preferred in-person sessions. I have since given up that office space and only offer Phone, Skype and Zoom sessions.

Can I record my session?

Yes, not only do I allow it I HIGHLY recommend it!!

There are many useful apps that can record your phone calls while using your cell phone simultaneously. Call Recorder iCall is one that is available and from what I hear has good reviews. Again, please note that although I do not provide recordings, I do encourage them. So much valuable information can come through during your session. Having a recording, in my opinion, is better than taking notes because it allows you to be fully present during your reading. Most clients enjoy having the opportunity to listen to their sessions again. I often have clients reach out to me later expressing the value of having their recording to look back on.

Can I ask questions during my session?

Yes, most definitely. I suggest you write down any questions you know you want to ask. This way when it comes to the time to ask questions you don’t forget. I like to bring through much of the information first because I feel it is more validating to you the client when spirit answers your questions before you have to ask. Having the list prevents the frustration of getting home and saying…”Bummer, I forgot to ask her that!

I am concerned about how having a session with you would conflict with my religious beliefs.

I completely understand and respect this question. Being raised a Presbyterian with Christian beliefs, I have always held a close connection and relationship with God. My suggestion would be to pray about it. If you were guided to this website there obviously is something nudging your spirit. Have as many talks with God/Source as you need until you feel certain of your decision. I will always be here if and when you are ready to schedule. Also, keep in mind that the voice of God/Source is loving and kind even when telling you something you don’t want to hear. If what you are struggling with feels or sounds fearful or anxious than that is your ego. Pray to remove all fear and anxiety and to bring you clarity. I can honestly say that all of my work is God-centered, faith-filled and I always have your best interest at heart.

How often can I have a reading?

Depending on my client’s needs, that varies. The goal is always to empower my clients to NOT NEED me, but to ensure them that if and when they do need me, I am here. I am not the Source of their healing. I am just an instrument and vessel of divine communication. I remind my clients that we all have access to this divine communication and I encourage them to foster and strengthen their own abilities to help them maintain a strong connection and sense of support. We all have times when we are in need of clarity or guidance and when those moments arise for you, it is my honor to be of service to you.

One-on-One Coaching clients will obviously work with me more frequently whereas I may connect with a mediumship client one time and that is all. Other clients prefer to check in several times throughout the year or gift themselves with sessions when they are feeling the need to be in the receptive mode.

How exactly do you communicate with someone who has passed over?

I receive my information through my intuitive gifts of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing). God, the angels, and spirit communicate with me through these senses. Sometimes the information is crystal clear and sometimes it is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together one at a time. They use symbols and even memories of my own experiences to get me to communicate their messages.

How long should I wait to see a medium after my loved one has passed?

This is a very good question and a tricky one to answer. Personally, I think one should wait a minimum of two to three months to schedule an appointment with me after the passing of a loved one.  For many, that may not be long enough. Obviously, I cannot control when someone schedules and there have been many times that I have had sessions with people whose loved one had passed away very recently. Most of those sessions turned out completely fine but there have been the few occasions where it would have benefitted the client to wait. Mediumship sessions cannot replace grief but it can help reassure that our loved ones are still very connected to us in spirit and validate that love never dies.

What if I'm a skeptic?
Healthy skepticism is welcomed and encouraged. However, if you are deeply rooted in fear and feel the need to test the process I am not the right girl for you. Let me tell you why. In order for this process to work most efficiently you need to have an open mind and heart. Coming completely closed minded will lower the energy and vibration and inhibit the flow of information. I can still make a connection, however, it feels stifled by the client’s energy who is closed off. To truly get the most out of your session it is imperative for you to be open and receptive to the process. Prayer is the best way to relinquish your own fears. God, the angels and spirit are more than willing to bring you the peaceful, loving energy you desire and need to experience a reading.
Who are the angels? What exactly is their role?
Angels were created by God as messengers of Love and Light. Their role is to guide us, protect us and comfort us. They frequently send us signs to let us know that we are not alone and that they greatly desire to support us along our soul’s journey. Because we have free will, it is very important to not only be receptive of the angels love and guidance but to actually invite it in. Simply saying or thinking “Angels help me” is enough to draw their love and support to you.
Do you pray to angels?
No. My prayers are always to God but I do call on assistance from the angels. God created the angels as messengers of His Love and Light but because of our free will we must ask for help from these loving beings. They rarely intervene without our permission.
How do I engage you for a speaking event?
All Press & Media inquiries and to book a Speaking Engagement, please use the Contact Form outlining the nature of the inquiry.
I was recently at one of your Mediumship Gallery Sessions and I felt like the people a couple rows in front of me were receiving information that connected with me and my family too. Could the information have been for me instead or for my family as well?
Most definitely. Often times their are similarities that overlap within the audience members. I have received numerous e- mails over the years that have validated that many times the messages are coming through for more than one person. I have also had people speak up during the event that can validate some of the same exact information being shared with another.

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