Mediumship Readings

Love is eternal.
Death can never separate us from Love.
~ Heather Hildebrand
Mediumship Readings are a very unique and sacred form of communication that bridges the gap between our world and the afterlife. Reconnecting with the people you love and miss in spirit can be transformational and uplifting. It also serves as a beautiful part of the healing process of grief. I use my intuitive gifts to communicate directly with these deceased loved ones to bring forth evidence that they are very much aware of what is going on in your current life and that the love you both shared is still very much alive.

Examples of Evidential Information that may come through during a mediumship reading:

• Physical description
• Relationship to you
• Hobbies / Interests
• Personality/ Essence
• Cause of death / Previous health issues
• Shared memories
• Current happenings going on within the deceased loved one’s living family members


Individual Mediumship Readings can be scheduled via phone or Zoom. Sessions are an hour in length. Current scheduling is 3-4 weeks in advance.

Cost is $350 USD

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Group sessions allow the opportunity to experience what mediumship is all about without having to book a one-on-one session. These events offer you a first-hand look inside to the miracles of communication with spirit.

Private Mediumship Group Sessions | 8-20 people | 2-3 hours These can be scheduled and customized to meet your needs. They can take place at private homes or the venue of your booking. The cost will be determined by the length of the event, the number of attendees and travel expenses. Please note, sessions fill up quickly so scheduling as far in advance as possible is suggested.

To plan and book your Private Group Mediumship Session fill out the below form. Once we receive this, you will be contacted within 24-48 hours to confirm the rest of the information and to answer additional questions.

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Have questions about sessions? Check out Frequently Asked Questions.


Other Public Group Sessions

Mediumship Gallery | Max. 50 attendees | 2.5 hours

Mediumship Gallery events start off with a brief introduction followed by live readings within the audience. Spend an evening of love, laughter, and tears as I connect you with your deceased loved ones. This smaller group event is designed to be more intimate and allows you a greater chance of connecting with those you are hoping to hear from. Check out LIVE EVENTS to see when a Mediumship Gallery event is coming to your city.

An Evening with Spirit | 75+ attendees | 2-3 hrs

In this larger event, you will witness the miracles of communication with spirit. After opening up the evening with a brief description of how mediumship works I will begin bringing forth messages from deceased loved ones to random members of the audience. Although it will be impossible to read for everyone you can be certain that witnessing the compelling evidence that love never dies will be an experience you won’t forget. Seating is general admission, but rest assured that the energy in the back row is just as great as it is the front. Check out LIVE EVENTS to see when An Evening with Spirit event is coming to your city.

Special Note When Connecting with Loved Ones

I understand that most of the time my clients are hoping to connect with a specific loved one. It is always my goal to connect you with whom you are hoping to hear from. However, I could never guarantee 100% that that will happen. Ultimately, when I surrender myself to the Divine and only those beings of his Love and Light, spirit is in control of who comes through and what information is shared. I always trust that whatever information you are needing in the moment will be exactly what is delivered in your messages for your highest good. Remember that just because your session time with me ends, your ability to continue your connection with your loved ones does not.

I had never shown that bracelet to anyone or even mentioned it to anyone … EVER!

“I found Heather online after extensive research. My brother had recently passed and I really wanted some things validated. Heather made me comfortable immediately with her prayer. Then started the reading with a bang. I received validation right away and it continued through the session. Just before I left Heather asked me about a bracelet. Like a kid’s bracelet that you pull colorful beads onto yarn and it has your name on it. I just about lost it! When my brother was in rehab a few years before he passed, he had made me the bracelet she described. Exactly as she had described! I had never shown that bracelet to anyone or even mentioned it to anyone…EVER! I left her office that day a changed person. I have sent many of my friends and family to see Heather and all have been touched by their experience with her.

I highly recommend Heather to anyone who is seeking guidance or clarity or would like to connect to a deceased loved one. She is truly gifted.”

~ Debbie W.
Spring, TX

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