Workshops / Classes

We are all in this together, learning, growing, changing.
And, together we empower one another.
~ Heather
My goal in teaching is to raise spiritual awareness, support others on their path to enlightenment, help in strengthening their intuitive senses and create a stronger connection to Source.

In my workshops and classes, participants are fully involved in the learning process. They vary in group size, discussion, activities, exercises and opportunities to practice applying the concepts that are presented. Often questions are handled as they arise and opened up for group discussions. Materials, handouts or workbooks are usually included. All participants are encouraged to take notes. These events are a wonderful way to connect with fellow like-minded individuals who share your same passions and interests.

Workshops can also be customized for private events. Below is a summary of some of the Workshops/Classes offered.

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Mediumship –
Talking to Heaven
When one experiences the loss of a loved one it can raise many questions. Is there really life after death? Are my loved ones still connected to me? Are the signs I feel I get from heaven real? Is the love I shared with my loved one still as real to them as it is to me? Join in as we discuss all of this and more and hear first-hand about the healing work of mediumship.
Igniting Your Intuition – The Language of your Soul
This class is designed to help you better understand your own intuition, determine the ways intuition is already at work in your life and strengthen the skills of clear seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing to access divine wisdom. Once you begin to purposefully connect with God and your angels in this way you will begin to see miracles unfold in your life and feel the love and support that is always available to you.
Wednesdays with the Archangels Course
In this three-week course you will learn how to make a deeper connection to the angels and archangels and utilize their help that is freely available to you each and every day . We will explore each of the archangels and their roles and do exercises to see which archangels are working most closely with you. There will also be guided meditations and automatic writing exercises. We will learn a lot while having loads of fun too. This will be an angel party you won’t want to miss!
Raising Spiritually Gifted Children
This class is geared to support and empower parents, grandparents and even educators of spiritually gifted children. Traits will be identified and tools will be provided to help open the lines of communication and understanding. The goal being to help these children authentically grow into the beings they were born to be.
Using Angel Cards to Receive Accurate Guidance
Angel cards have long been used as an oracle for divine communication. In this workshop you will learn how to use them effectively for yourself and others. Each student will receive their own brand new box of angel cards to work with during class and to take home to keep.
Manifesting a Magical Life
Are you living out your heart’s desires? Are you living with purpose and a plan? Many times life gets busy and we forget that we have choices in what we want to experience. This workshop will help you reconnect with your spirit and the dreams that lie within. As you step back into your power you will lovingly release previous blocks that have kept you from reaching your divine potential and you will leave armed with positive tools of action to manifest your magical life.
Angels 101
In this workshop you will learn all about the angels and their deep desire to support and assist you on your path. You will recognize your own free will and the importance of asking for help from these loving beings. You will also gain clarity and confidence in how to interpret the angel’s messages and get acquainted with their unique healing power.
Introduction to Dream Interpretation
Do you dream a lot? Or, maybe you have a consistent dream. Do they almost seem real to you? Do you ever wonder the meaning of your dreams? Join me as I introduce you to your dream world and how you can connect on a more in depth level. This class is the beginner course to the Advanced Dream Interpretation course.