Are You Feeling the Climb? Ascension, Know the Signs

Are You Feeling the Climb? Ascension, Know the Signs

Ascension symptoms are not new. Ascension is the movement of change where people are realizing more about their spiritual reality and in turn experiencing the energies of being connected to higher dimensions. And this is not just some new age fad. Many have been feeling these symptoms off and on for quite a while. I remember my first awareness of ascension symptoms happened close to twenty years ago. The difference between now and then was that then there were longer gaps in between episodes. At least that was my experience. Now, it seems that more and more people are becoming aware that they are more than their physical body and that their physical body can tell them so much about what they need to do to adjust to the new energies coming forward.

Ascension symptoms are basically occurring because as our energetic body grows, expands and elevates our physical body reacts and experiences changes too.

Below I’m listing some of the many ascension symptoms and how you might remedy them. However, don’t ever just assume this is what you’re experiencing. Any physical symptoms you might experience should always be communicated with your family physician or physician of choice and you should get a physical checkup for care and proper diagnosis.


This usually comes in shorts bursts. I notice this personally affects me stronger during astrological occurrences and solar flares. I quickly ground myself. If I am inside, I may touch the top of my head and ask the angels to help me to be fully in my body with comfort and ease.


These can come out of the blue or tend to try and linger. I have found that stopping and taking some slow deep breaths when the headache is first starting can sometimes stop it in its tracks. Staying hydrated and getting extra rest is also key.
Neck and Shoulder Pain- This is obviously no fun, and many times can be shrugged off as just tension. However, when I do the things that I would normally do to release such tension I will feel the slight tension leave and this other feeling stay. When massages, hot baths and stretching don’t help I have to move my body and try to release the energies that have become stuck. I will also say things like… New thoughts and actions assimilate easily into my being. I trust the divine and my connection to the divine. I am evolving safely and wholly.

Ringing in the ears and other strange sounds

You may experience high-pitched ringing, and electronic humming sound or vibrational tones. Sound is energy. It is a vibration and as we become more aware of the energies around us sounds are just one way that we recognize the shifts around us. Basically, information is being absorbed through our bodies. We won’t understand the message, but I always pause a moment to say thank you for the information that I am receiving in that moment.

Memory issues

Trying to think what that word is called? Forget what you did this morning? I am finding that I am so present in the moment that I am easily forgetting things if I don’t write them down. I have forgotten conversations from the day before, but it is more that I am called to be so very focused on the present that I have just disconnected from all that is not in the now. Stop. Slow down and gain your focus and the thought, word or memory will come back to you but it may be taking more focus than in the past.


A general feeling of anxiety as well as situational and fear-based triggers that were not there before. This can often be remedied by drawing your awareness to yourself and your own energy field. As sensitives, we are not always aware of how we use our own energy field to scan that which is around us and what we are approaching. In any moment of anxiety, it is good to ask the angels to release anything from you that is not your own. If you have shared time and space with someone and you are feeling off, you can say “I return everything that belongs to you and I take back everything that belongs to me, and I return everything that we both no longer need back to the earth to be composted. Or…I return everything that we no longer need to the angels for transmutation.”

Muscle and Joint Pains

You can even feel like you have the flu. The spiritual flu I guess you could call it. Some will feel their body is hot on the inside but are not actually running a fever. This can last a few days and literally is like a detox on a cellular level. As soon as you feel well enough move your body to help assimilate to the new vibration.

People are becoming more aware of the great responsibility that they have to take care of their own energy, health and wellbeing. Tuning into our bodies and souls can offer us a wealth of information and knowledge.

These are only just some of the ascension symptoms. I will be discussing more of them in the upcoming weeks. I hope you found this information helpful.

Remember, we want to move through our energetic shifts and changes with as much ease and grace as possible. Stay in communication with your spiritual team. Ask for guidance, wisdom and help in any way you may feel you need it.

With you on the journey!

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