How To Get The Most Of A Mediumship Session – Part 1

How To Get The Most Of A Mediumship Session – Part 1

Heather Hildebrand here, psychic medium spiritual teacher, coaching counselor, with a few tips that I want to share with you in these next coming videos on how to best prepare for a mediumship session.

So first off, chances are, you’re probably not going to have an in-person session, I had to give my physical office up last August. And so chances are if you’re scheduled with a medium, it’s probably going to be a fence session or zoom. But zoom is great because we can still see each other face to face and eye to eye and still connect heart to heart.

But you want to make sure that you create a sacred space for yourself. Go into a room where you’re not going to have any distractions and you know that you will be undisturbed for however long your session is. And then simply get in that space where you’re opening your heart and your mind to be fully receptive. This time is all about you and an investment in yourself and in your spirit.

So enjoy following link for part two.

The Misconceptions of Mediumship

The Misconceptions of Mediumship

Mediumship has always seemed to have a taboo attached to it; it did for me. I won’t bore you with that whole story right now, but what I will say is that if you think about it, many people may go their whole life without ever giving a thought to trying to connect with a deceased loved one. It usually is not on anyone’s radar until they lose someone very special. When people experience a great loss, they begin to question everything. Where are they? Are they okay? Can they still feel my love? Is heaven real? What is it like? Will they be there to greet me when I pass?

Even so, they may judge their own emotions, question their beliefs, their religion, and more. I have been there, and so I understand all of the wondering and questioning. The longing to connect one more time can be completely thrilling and intimidating all at the same time. The assumptions around mediumship often make people wary about making connections.

Yet, it is rarely talked about because of that taboo nature I mentioned before. Most people don’t trust trying to have a discussion with someone about such a” woo woo” topic. But I am not afraid to talk about it. So, let’s have some of these conversations, and if you have questions yourself, I hope I can help you gain some clarity.


• Mediums see spirits everywhere they go and all of the time – Ummm, no thank you. First, it may surprise you that I do not see with my eyes open. Spirits, that is. That is a rarity. I made a deal a very long time ago that I would be willing to deliver messages, but I was not comfortable seeing with my eyes open. I am completely comfortable seeing in my mind’s eye, and it works well, so there is no need to see spirits walking around everywhere. Although I am connected and tuned in much of the time, it is important for me to be connected to my physical self and disconnect from the spirit world. It is my opinion that this is the healthiest choice for any medium.

• As a medium, you must have access to all knowledge and information – Again, no. First, how boring would it be if we had all of the answers to everything all of the time? Where would the adventure be? We are all here to learn and grow. That is the earthly experience for all of us. It is the natural process of our soul’s evolution. Our intuition exists for us to stay connected and have access to the divine wisdom of the universe. Although mediums are well-versed in using their intuition, it does not equate to abusing it, intuitively spying on anyone, or picking the winning lotto numbers. Mediums are not all-knowing.

• Mediums are sketchy, scary, or a carnival act – First, I think it is important to say that you should definitely do your research before consulting with a medium. Unfortunately, there are people out there that are operating from a space of negativity or ego and may treat their profession as the above mentioned. This breaks my heart because this can be very damaging. I know that asking friends if they know of a good medium is probably not a normal conversation in most circles. However, most reputable mediums will have a website, social media presence, or some way that you find them that will let you get to know them on some level. Prayerfully look for the one you feel guided to work with. Read testimonials, their history and see what resonates with you and trust that. Mediumship can be extremely healing, and I truly believe there are more honest mediums that are aligned with being of love and service than there are so-called mediums that intend to manipulate or take advantage of you.

• Mediums research you before you come in for a reading – Let me promise you one thing, I do not have the time or the interest to research anyone that schedules a session with me. It actually would make my job harder, not easier. Having a blank slate is the best way to make a strong connection. No preconceived notions. When teaching mediumship, I talk to my students all the time about creating a blank slate to receive information. Clearing everything out of their mind helps them open up to receive validating information. Again, if you are allowing yourself to be guided to the right professional medium, you should not have to worry about their integrity.

• Mediums can control exactly who comes through and the message they bring through – That may sound nice, but again, no. I will tell you that in over 15 plus years of work as a professional medium, it is rare for me not to naturally connect my client with whom they are hoping to hear from, but it is not in my control. I do however, set my intentions to connect with the deceased loved one(s) my client is hoping to hear from. I also open my sessions with prayer in order to create a sacred space and help my clients relax, which helps them open their heart and mind to receive the loving messages from spirit. My goal is to be of love and service to them, and I trust that whatever they are in need of most is what comes through for them. To get the most out of your session with a medium, it is best to go into it with an open heart, set your own intentions of what you are hoping to experience, and then surrender to the process.

• Mediums only talk to dead people – False. Most mediums, including myself, can also connect with spirit guides, guardian angels, archangels, and other members of your spiritual team. For example, I don’t just offer mediumship sessions. Over fifty percent of my clientele schedule with me for Intuitive Spiritual Coaching or Angelic Counseling. They are looking for clarity, guidance, and maybe moving through periods of change or spiritual growth or continuing to move through grief in a healthy way as possible. You might also be surprised how many times your loved ones in spirit may want to help you with your current path and may want to introduce you to the love and support of your angels.

Mediums have always had the “gift” and are born knowing how to use it– Nope, not at all. Although I have been sensitive and aware of energies my whole life, I did not understand the purpose of it all until I was a young adult. Not every medium is born knowing. Most are born wondering. Wondering why they feel different and no one understands them. They wish someone could connect with them in a way that feels familiar. Some people open up to the ability to connect with spirit much later in life after an intense life happening or spiritual awakening or after the birth of a child or a loss. Many people who experience connecting with spirits in some shape or form don’t understand it, trust it or know how to control it. Mediumship can be taught. Some people may engage in learning how to hone their craft, and others may just empower themselves with the knowledge so they know how to control it and turn it off.

I hope this is helpful in understanding a little bit more about what mediumship is all about. That it clears up any confusion or fear and helps you look at mediumship as a healing tool that is there for you if you so feel guided to use it. 

I must say that being a medium has given me the great honor and joy to make beautiful connections for amazing people both here and in spirit. It has allowed me the opportunity to witness time and time again that love is more powerful than death ever could be and that we will never lose the love that was shared here on earth.

It is also important to mention that you do not need a medium to connect with your loved one. They easily receive the love, prayers, and messages you send their way, and they love and support you from the other side too. Look for their signs and trust them. Their love will show up in bright and beautiful ways.

With you on the journey.

Love, Light & Blessings, ❤️


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