Chances are you know one or have been blessed by one. Better yet, because you were guided to read this…… just might be one.
You might be thinking, what is a lightworker anyway?
I get it. Many think it is a strange word with an unclear meaning.
When I was asked what my definition of a lightworker was, my response was…..
A lightworker is an awakened soul, here to be the love and light the world so desperately needs. They are empathic and sensitive to the feelings and needs of others. They have a way of transmuting the darkness into light and empower those they come into contact with.
Lightworkers are often undercover. They inspire, heal and guide others throughout day-to-day life. They show up at the most important times with the most compassionate hearts.
Lightworkers are the least judgmental people you will ever meet and have a beautiful way of meeting people where they are at. They came into this world wired differently and are focused on how they can help and serve others. That is just their natural nature.
They usually feel way more comfortable investing time and energy into causes and other people then in themselves.
You often find them drawn to help strangers.
People they meet for the very first time will tell them their whole life story and share their deepest struggles with them because there is just this sense that they can trust them and that they will understand them with compassion.
Lightworkers often say that they have just felt different their whole life….. even within their family or circle of friends.
They may frequently be told they are too sensitive and may often prefer the company of animals instead of humans in their spare time.
They are filled with sage advice and somehow play the role of free therapist to many and although they feel a deep calling in their soul, they seem to be confused about what their true purpose is.
The struggle many lightworkers face is that they are really unsure about their own desires. Many describe that they don’t require much and it does not take a lot for them to be content. They are easy-going and easy to please and most don’t take the time to figure out what truly makes them happy. On top of that, it is really easy for lightworkers to get out of balance with their giving and receiving. This is because it’s so natural for them to help and serve others but feels completely awkward to allow others to do the same for them.
What lightworkers don’t usually realize is that investing in themselves will ensure that they can leave the biggest impact on our world. And although investing in themselves is the one thing they usually resist the most, it is also many times their biggest lesson to learn. Giving away all they have will eventually disempower them. Caring for themselves is what will ensure that they empower themselves as much as they empower others.
The truth be told is that we need these lightworkers to spread the light throughout the world. But lightworkers can do that without dimming their own.
Need some help staying empowered, while sharing your light with the world?