What Is A Spiritual Intuitive Advisor and How Can They Help Me?

What Is A Spiritual Intuitive Advisor and How Can They Help Me?

What is a Spiritual Intuitive Advisor

In the fifteen-plus years that I have been a professional intuitive, I have been called by many names: Angel Therapy Practitioner, Angel Therapist, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor, you name it.  They have all really described my work well when I think about it.

Most recently, when someone asks me what my profession is, I have found myself responding with I am a Spiritual Intuitive Advisor as well as a Psychic Medium. I think most people understand the role of a Psychic Medium, but one might ask, what exactly is a Spiritual Intuitive Advisor?

And that is a good question.

Here is my definition of it broken down into the basics from my perspective as it pertains to the services I provide.


All of my work is spiritual because it is rooted firmly in love and channeled from the divine. I work with my own spiritual team as well as my clients’ spiritual teams to make strong, accurate connections and receive divine guidance for them during sessions, coaching, and teachings. My work is not based on religion but instead focused on the connection that we all have with the divine. When I speak of the divine I am speaking of that which where we came from. Whatever one prefers to call that is completely fine with me. God, Source, Universe, Creator… or something else. My focus is on the unconditional love and support that is available to us all and my ability to tap into that information and provide support, healing, and transformation.


I utilize my intuition at all times when doing my work and this is important to note. Some spiritual advisors do not. We all have intuition and it is my belief that this is what keeps us connected to the divine and allows for clear communication and guidance to come through. My intuition has always been very strong and that strength is one of my natural born gifts that I utilize to make very clear connections for my clients. It is through the process of surrendering myself to be of love and service to my client that allows my own fears and ego to be pushed aside so that I can utilize the power of love to channel the information that will be most helpful and useful for them at the moment.


Advisement comes very lovingly from the angels, guides, archangels, and ascended masters. My role in delivering those messages comes with just as much love, appreciation, and encouragement. The guidance that comes through is very clear. This includes helping you to gain more clarity about a situation, uncovering root issues to challenges, giving you practical action steps to take, and even helping you embrace your own intuition so that you can gain confidence in the way your spiritual team speaks to you directly.

More important than what one might call me or what I consider myself to be is how I can be of love and service to those I help on a daily basis.

As a Spiritual Intuitive Advisor, I have the great honor to connect with my clients on a soul level and communicate with their spiritual team in ways that bring forth guidance, clarity, and solutions in regards to their current life situations. These sessions are loving, enlightening, and empower my clients to release the fears and blocks that have held them back from living their highest potential and realizing their heart’s desires. My clients feel more motivated to take action steps and more disciplined to follow through with the commitments they make to themselves.

I love being able to be a part of this process and see the magic that happens when my clients give themselves permission to live passionately and purposefully and I love seeing their own connection with their spiritual team strengthen.

Everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life.

Your angels and guides can help you see your life and your situations from a loving, truthful, and compassionate space and uncover anything you need to know in order to step into your truth, claim your power and say yes to yourself.

How can a spiritual intuitive advisor specifically help me or someone I love?

Here are just some of the ways:

  • Heal the past and get to a place of true surrender
  • Understand and utilize your own intuition
  • Support sensitive kids, teens, and adults
  • Empower the relationship you have with yourself and others
  • Uncover limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones
  • Reconnect to the true divine spark of your spirit
  • Free yourself from the judgment and expectations of others
  • Become lovingly assertive and create healthy boundaries
  • Move from feeling stuck and disconnected to clear and confident
  • Achieve greater success in business and entrepreneurship
  • Connect back to purpose and passion
  • Move through change with ease and grace
  • Uncover what your challenges mean for you
  • Honor your energy and live in a high vibrational state
  • Make a commitment to self-care and create a solid foundation
  • Heal from suffering, loss, and grief
  • Gain clarity around your heart’s truest desires

The goal is always to work smarter instead of harder and to allow the wisdom, love, and support from your spiritual team to guide and help you along the way.



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