8 Reasons the Soul Circle might be the right fit for you

You want to strengthen your connection with the divine.
I often hear from clients and students that they have a hard time trusting their connection and ability to communicate effectively with the divine. This usually boils down to practice, consistency and learning how you communicate best. The Soul Circle offers you opportunities to grow your connection and learn to trust yourself when utilizing tools like prayer and meditation or simply talking to your angels and spiritual team. You will also begin to trust your intuition more naturally, as this is the language of love the divine uses to speak to us.

You want to connect deeper to your own spirit.
Inside each of us lies a beautiful, divine, unique spirit. This part of us is filled with wisdom, strength and magic. We can often feel disconnected from that part of ourselves or too timid to reach into the depths of our own souls. Staying connected to our own spirit helps us keep a stronger connection to the divine and all of our spiritual helpers. Staying connected to the truth of who we are keeps us reminded of our power and offers us a solid foundation to build from. Soul Circle keeps you reminded of your divinity and helps you stay connected through the resources offered each month, as well as the Soul Work assignments that allow you to dive deeper into your own understanding.

You oftentimes feel the weight of the world a little too much.
As sensitives, we can often get bogged down by heavy energy that swarms around us. Soul Circle offers you the opportunity to learn new spiritual tools to help care for your energy. It is important for us to have a choice of options when caring for ourselves energetically. Some of us can get bored using the same techniques over and over and having a huge tool kit of practices to choose from allows us to lean in to what we may be in need of most at the moment.

You love continuing to learn and grow on your spiritual journey.
One of the most beautiful things about one’s spiritual awakening is that it opens a desire in our hearts to continue to expand and grow. We become seekers in this lifetime looking for ways to continue to be the best version of ourselves and experience our fullest potential. Soul circle supports your personal path in ways that empowers you.

You tend to get a little isolated.
Most empaths and sensitives love their own company and crave alone time. Spending time alone offers us a chance to recharge our own batteries and have the quiet time we often need to connect to our own spirit. However, sometimes we can become more isolated than we realize and it is important to remember that we are here to have the earthly experience and that means interacting with others. Soul Circle offers you the opportunity to connect on a regular basis with others who are on a similar journey and that can relate to all the aspects of spiritual growth. Soul Circle is a loving, sacred space for all of its members to grow and share and flourish.

You are longing for more.
As we continue to expand and awaken our consciousness, we are often called and encouraged by spirit to connect with our heart’s desires and live out our fullest potential. This is wonderful and exciting but can also be confusing and intimidating in so many ways. The Soul Circle is here to help you find your way, remind you to stand in your power, encourage you, and lovingly hold you accountable to your hopes, dreams and desires. The angels don’t want to see you settle for less than you are longing for and we are here to help you dig deep and support you in living the happiest, healthiest version of yourself you imagine.

You don’t mind being covered in prayer.
Prayer is powerful and effective! Prayer is also one of my gifts that I love to share with others. Each month on our live Soul Coaching sessions we will open with a powerful and channeled prayer that covers all of our members in peace, protection, perfect health, joy and so much love. This is a time when our needs and desires are covered in the love and sacredness of our group as a whole and our combined energy is super powerful!

You could benefit from community and a soul family.
I often have had clients tell me that they really wish they had a community that could understand the path they are on. Many of my clients are not naturally surrounded by family or friends that they can share their spiritual self with. Some realize that having a circle of like-minded, spiritual friends would do them good but somehow, they still find themself resisting engaging anyway. Oftentimes we resist what we are in need of most and deny ourselves the things that could offer us the biggest blessings. Learning from others and sharing our experiences with others is one of the most beautiful parts of our spiritual path. Soul Circle is a loving community, created to empower you, support you and celebrate you!

My goal is always to be of love and service to all of my clients, students and customers. The Soul Circle allows me to do that monthly and to show up for its members consistently in ways that support their own spiritual growth. I get to share my knowledge, offer guidance and support and connect in meaningful ways that empower them.

If you want to learn more….. here are all of the goodies that are included in the Soul Circle.

I would love to see you there!

Much Love and Many Blessings,