Fall in love with yourself!

 Fall in love with yourself!

Mystical, Magical Friend,

I know that there may be times that you feel uncomfortable asking yourself some of the deeper questions that spirit may ask you to ponder. I get it. Asking these questions can feel like we are moving into very awkward territory and the natural reaction is to not look, to stay frozen or even better, turn back and head the other direction. But, remember, fear is an opportunity for us to uncover great wisdom.

Today, I encourage you to check in with yourself. I want you to think about the relationship you have with yourself.

If you were to post a status of where your relationship is with you, would it be….

Madly in Love – I love the person I am and the person I am becoming. This is exactly where I want to be. I am excited for my future.
EHHHH we are Good – I don’t really feel strongly about this relationship right now. I just keep on keeping on and don’t make the time to really look at things or invest in it more.
It’s Complicated – Oh my goodness, I love me, but gosh I am so annoying. Theses stupid things I do. When will I learn?
Single – I am all alone. This divine spirit you say I have within me. I have no idea where it went but I am just out here flying solo.
Heartbroken – I feel so defeated. I feel like I have let myself down. In truth I know it does not have to be this way but I am struggling to find my way back to joy and peace.

The angels are encouraging us to make the changes that matter most and everything starts with us.

It starts with being honest about how we have treated ourselves, what we feel about ourselves and how we invest in our own being.

We can make all the external changes in the world and still feel like our experience with life is falling flat. Having a loving relationship with ourselves allows everything else to blossom with strength, grace, and beauty. You are worthy of that and so much more.

If you answered anything other than madly in love in the question above, then now is the time to fall in love with yourself. The angels can show you the way, but you have to make the commitment to embrace the journey to getting there. It won’t necessarily feel natural or easy but you can do it. I believe in you!


Much Love and Many Blessings,
8 Reasons the Soul Circle May Be Right for You!

8 Reasons the Soul Circle May Be Right for You!

8 Reasons the Soul Circle might be the right fit for you

You want to strengthen your connection with the divine.
I often hear from clients and students that they have a hard time trusting their connection and ability to communicate effectively with the divine. This usually boils down to practice, consistency and learning how you communicate best. The Soul Circle offers you opportunities to grow your connection and learn to trust yourself when utilizing tools like prayer and meditation or simply talking to your angels and spiritual team. You will also begin to trust your intuition more naturally, as this is the language of love the divine uses to speak to us.

You want to connect deeper to your own spirit.
Inside each of us lies a beautiful, divine, unique spirit. This part of us is filled with wisdom, strength and magic. We can often feel disconnected from that part of ourselves or too timid to reach into the depths of our own souls. Staying connected to our own spirit helps us keep a stronger connection to the divine and all of our spiritual helpers. Staying connected to the truth of who we are keeps us reminded of our power and offers us a solid foundation to build from. Soul Circle keeps you reminded of your divinity and helps you stay connected through the resources offered each month, as well as the Soul Work assignments that allow you to dive deeper into your own understanding.

You oftentimes feel the weight of the world a little too much.
As sensitives, we can often get bogged down by heavy energy that swarms around us. Soul Circle offers you the opportunity to learn new spiritual tools to help care for your energy. It is important for us to have a choice of options when caring for ourselves energetically. Some of us can get bored using the same techniques over and over and having a huge tool kit of practices to choose from allows us to lean in to what we may be in need of most at the moment.

You love continuing to learn and grow on your spiritual journey.
One of the most beautiful things about one’s spiritual awakening is that it opens a desire in our hearts to continue to expand and grow. We become seekers in this lifetime looking for ways to continue to be the best version of ourselves and experience our fullest potential. Soul circle supports your personal path in ways that empowers you.

You tend to get a little isolated.
Most empaths and sensitives love their own company and crave alone time. Spending time alone offers us a chance to recharge our own batteries and have the quiet time we often need to connect to our own spirit. However, sometimes we can become more isolated than we realize and it is important to remember that we are here to have the earthly experience and that means interacting with others. Soul Circle offers you the opportunity to connect on a regular basis with others who are on a similar journey and that can relate to all the aspects of spiritual growth. Soul Circle is a loving, sacred space for all of its members to grow and share and flourish.

You are longing for more.
As we continue to expand and awaken our consciousness, we are often called and encouraged by spirit to connect with our heart’s desires and live out our fullest potential. This is wonderful and exciting but can also be confusing and intimidating in so many ways. The Soul Circle is here to help you find your way, remind you to stand in your power, encourage you, and lovingly hold you accountable to your hopes, dreams and desires. The angels don’t want to see you settle for less than you are longing for and we are here to help you dig deep and support you in living the happiest, healthiest version of yourself you imagine.

You don’t mind being covered in prayer.
Prayer is powerful and effective! Prayer is also one of my gifts that I love to share with others. Each month on our live Soul Coaching sessions we will open with a powerful and channeled prayer that covers all of our members in peace, protection, perfect health, joy and so much love. This is a time when our needs and desires are covered in the love and sacredness of our group as a whole and our combined energy is super powerful!

You could benefit from community and a soul family.
I often have had clients tell me that they really wish they had a community that could understand the path they are on. Many of my clients are not naturally surrounded by family or friends that they can share their spiritual self with. Some realize that having a circle of like-minded, spiritual friends would do them good but somehow, they still find themself resisting engaging anyway. Oftentimes we resist what we are in need of most and deny ourselves the things that could offer us the biggest blessings. Learning from others and sharing our experiences with others is one of the most beautiful parts of our spiritual path. Soul Circle is a loving community, created to empower you, support you and celebrate you!

My goal is always to be of love and service to all of my clients, students and customers. The Soul Circle allows me to do that monthly and to show up for its members consistently in ways that support their own spiritual growth. I get to share my knowledge, offer guidance and support and connect in meaningful ways that empower them.

If you want to learn more….. here are all of the goodies that are included in the Soul Circle.

I would love to see you there!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

What the Angels Say the 7 Must Do Things Are For The Year Ahead !!

What the Angels Say the 7 Must Do Things Are For The Year Ahead !!

Experience & Appreciate your OWN Divinity
This means spending more time with yourself. Through conscious intention, understanding and awakening the divine energy within helps you to stay connected to your highest self. It is easy to get distracted with life and worldly things, however, staying dedicated and committed to a practice that allows you to experience your own divinity will keep you anchored in your truth and power, and will benefit every other area of your life in extremely positive ways.

Slow Down
Consistency is key this year NOT speed. Do not rush making decisions. Instead, sit with your thoughts and most important gather the help from your angels and your spiritual team so that you feel certain in the choices you choose for yourself and the action steps you are guided to make. Be present and enjoy the journey and the process. Remember life is about living and that means every moment not just rushing to meet a goal. Peace, happiness and joy should be experienced along the way and this is truly possible. So, let go of resistance and the need to control every moment and allow blessings and miracles to pop up and surprise and delight you.

Get to Know & Understand your Energy Better
You will move through your days with much more purpose, ease and grace if you get to know your energy better. Learning to stay grounded, connected and in your power will change your life drastically for the better. You will no longer feel as distracted, fatigued, scattered or worn out once you learn how to navigate your energy and communicate with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. They can tell you exactly what you need and what is going on so that you can utilize that knowledge to improve the way you feel and operate on a day-to-day basis.

Expect LOVE to show up for You
You are love. At the core of your being this is who you are and what you are here to experience. It is time to see love in everyday things and first and foremost to step up your game in loving yourself wholly and completely. You can do this! It is the very best investment you can ever make and too is a game changer once you begin to get into the rhythm of the flow of love. Witness it. Be it. Receive it. This is your call to action.

Random Acts of Kindness
Our world has been hurting for a while now and we all know there are so many needs that can be filled with just the simplest of gestures. This year is about finding new ways to be a blessing to others. Now let me preface this by saying taking care of yourself and your needs first is a must. I know that many of you already are in the habit of giving way more than you will ever allow yourself to receive and this is not what this is about. As a matter of fact, I urge you to look at areas you have been investing in others that may not be working and instead sprinkle some love and support in some new and unexpected places. Don’t worry. All you have to do is ask your angels to show you the way and they will.

Take Care of Your Vessel
We have all been born with a physical body to carry us through this lifetime. Take care of it. Listen to what it tells you and give it what it needs. If that is a healthier eating plan and more exercise, great! But it may simply be taking deep healing breaths each day, better sleeping habits, time spent in nature, adding some vitamins and minerals or committing to that annual physical. And while you are at it send some love to every cell of your being. It has served you well thus far, and we want to empower our bodies and thank it for allowing us to see, smell, touch, walk, talk.

Joyful Appreciation, Anticipation and Expectation
The feelings of bliss and joy are some of the highest vibrating emotions. Getting into these feelings changes your vision, your outlook and your overall demeanor. With everything you do and experience try your best to show joyful appreciation. With everything you dream and hope for feel joyful anticipation. Take it one step further and experience true joyful expectations. Expectation that everything you desire is already on its way to you. Don’t think about the how or when. Just think about how exciting it is that everything is working out for your highest good and every outcome is exceeding your expectations. May sound silly, but boy does it work!!

Remember, the angels are divine, wise, loving beings. Trust their wisdom. Know that their love for you encourages you not only to be your best self but they want you to experience your life in the most beautiful,  joyful and loving ways. Whatever your goals are for the year, know that incorporating this sage advice will help you stay the course and experience this year staying connecting to your truth and power.

Wishing you all the best in the year ahead!

Heather and The Angels

The Angel’s Advice on Dealing with Overwhelm

The Angel’s Advice on Dealing with Overwhelm

I’m no stranger to feeling overwhelmed.

I think we often tend to judge ourselves when we feel overwhelmed because we feel we should know better, do better and just never get ourselves in a situation to feel that emotion. But regardless of how spiritual you might be, it is important to remember that we are human.

Our emotions are a gauge of where we are currently and they offer us wisdom as to how to shift or tweak our focus in order to stay in alignment with where we desire to be.  The angels had some very clear advice for a client recently that I thought would be helpful to share with you all.

(And yes, I asked my client’s permission to share)

Here is what the angels had to say:

First things first.

What is overwhelming you?

Is it one thing? Two things? Three things? More?

Take a moment and write it all down.

You may notice that in doing so, some of those things lose importance and no longer feel like a priority to be listed.

Now, look at your list and ask yourself these things:

  • Is this my personal overwhelm or something I have picked up from someone else? – If this is a stressor or emotion you have picked up from others, release that now. Simply ask the angels to release any heavy, negative, or unhealthy emotions you have picked up from others.
  • Do I have any control over this situation that is causing me to feel overwhelmed? – If so, jot down some things that you could personally do to change the situation in a positive way.
  • Out of the things I could personally do to release this overwhelm and shift this situation in a positive way, what would be most productive for me at this time? – Ask the angels to help you discern where your energy is best spent at this moment for the situation.
  • Lastly, out of everything on my list, is there one thing that needs my attention first? – This will help you come up with a game plan and focus your attention in a productive manner.

The angels say that much of our overwhelm begins in our emotional and mental bodies. Before taking any physical action steps it is important to get ourselves really centered and grounded so that when we begin our action steps, we are very present, aware, and committed to our desired outcomes.

If we fall back into the feeling of overwhelm, we need to STOP, take some deep breaths and regain our focus before moving forward. We don’t want to carry heavy energy with us as work toward our goals. That feels very disempowering. I know that taking some deep breaths might not sound very helpful. But, honestly, it is a very quick, easy, and effective way to call us back to our center, connect with our spiritual helpers and regain some clarity.

Remember, ask your spiritual team to help you :

  • Amp up your faith
  • Remember what is truly important
  • Stand in your power
  • Center yourself in Love
  • Align your thoughts with your dreams and desires
  • Release all negative thought forms
  • Stay grounded with Mother Earth
  • Keep a strong connection with your own intuition

As always, your angels want you to know you are never alone. They are eager to support you in every way possible and are cheering you on from the other side!

Much Love,

    Needing spiritual guidance?  You can book an angel reading here.

    Who is there for you?

    Who is there for you?

    One of the things I have realized in my own spiritual journey, and have witnessed with many of my clients over the years, is that as you grow more conscious and aware of your spiritual power, you become very picky with whom you share your life with, and even more so, whom you trust to share your troubles with.

    Let me explain …

    As you gain the realization of how your energy affects your experiences and the true power that your thoughts, words and actions have in your life, you become even more sensitive to those around you. This is why during periods of spiritual growth you often see people finally removing toxic people from their lives and see that even their circle of friends may shift. And even after making positive changes like that in your life, there are those who remain close to you that still may not be equipped to support you in the ways you need when you are experiencing challenges and stress. 

    They may love you completely, but:

    • May be an excessive worrier and go to worst case scenarios in their mind.
    • Get super emotional and don’t have strength to lend you.
    • Look at everything from a negative point of view.
    • Say they will pray for you, but you feel they have their own idea of what is in your best interest instead of praying for your highest good.
    • Are so rooted in fear they cannot hold the loving, sacred space you need to move forward fearlessly.

    For someone who is always trying to stay positive and hold a certain vision for your own life as well as others, this can leave you feeling isolated and alone in your troubles and pain. It can make you feel completely empty, tired and overwhelmed and in need of someone who can help fill up your love tank.

    It is like you want to share, but you hold back because you know that you only desire people who won’t add their own misery, fear or negativity to your situation. You hold everything inside and try to handle it all alone.

    Luckily, you have spiritual helpers available at any given moment, but even they know we are in need of earthly support too.

    So, what do you do in moments like these when you could really use a good supportive ear, a shoulder to lean on and a motivated cheerleader?

    Here are some things to keep in mind when you feel like you are going it alone and some action steps to take to move closer to a place of empowerment:

    • Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need from a loved one. A loving and gentle reminder that it is important to you to hold positive thoughts around your situation could be very helpful. You will know who you feel is capable of this or not.
    • Ask your angels who in your life right now is willing and able to be positive, supportive and helpful to you at this time. You may be surprised as to what they reveal to you.
    • If you are a part of any spiritual social media groups, post a prayer request there. If you don’t feel like sharing all of the specifics, you don’t have to. You could simply ask for support, clarity, strength or peace. Chances are you have been willing to be there for countless others and it is important to balance your giving and receiving. Allowing others to pray for you and hold sacred space is a wonderful start. The power of prayer in numbers is magical, so receive. 
    • Ask to increase your circle of spiritually minded friends so that your support system can naturally grow larger. This is one of the reasons I started teaching many, many years ago. I knew that people were needing to connect with like-minded spiritual seekers and I was right. I thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone make loving connections and seeing friendships form in front of my eyes. This also is true for my online courses. You are drawn to people who can be a blessing in your life. You just need to pay attention and be willing to open up and connect.
    • Have someone close to you that you trust enough to share with but who doesn’t understand your spiritual stance? Explain to them your spiritual principals and the focus and energy you are placing around healing your situation or drawing in the experience you desire, and then ask them to join you in holding your same vision.

    I hope you find this helpful when moving through times of stress and worry. I personally welcome you to email my office with your prayer requests too. It is my joy and honor to lift your needs and desires to the divine. When our energy comes together we can do magical things! 

    Have a prayer request? Feel free to email it to info@heatherhildebrand.com


    Love, Light and Many Blessings,


    Wrapping you in Some Extra Love and Compassion

    Wrapping you in Some Extra Love and Compassion

    Dear Hearts,

    Just as your bodies pick up and carry stress, so does your heart. We feel the burdens and confusion you hold. Some of you are dealing with a feeling of great sadness. As you process things, you hide this part of yourself from the world and even those closest to you.

    We wish you felt more comfortable being open about your struggles, disappointments, frustrations, and pain.  It is crucial for you to find ways to be kind to yourself, allowing yourself to feel everything you need. Please remember that we are here to help you in every time of need.

    Be kind to yourself and others. Amid all the controversy your world is facing, it is easy to feel lost and unsure and separated from the whole. Please remember that everyone is here to learn and evolve, and another’s path may look quite different from yours but is still vitally important in healing the earth. Not only do we want you to hold compassion for yourself, but we ask that you extend it to others.

    Love is what heals people, situations, and the world as a whole. It is important that you know that you can hold your beliefs and convictions in loving ways and continue to shine your own unique light into this world. We know that change can feel less than pleasant. But you are ready for it, and you have needed it, and we are here to guide and support you along the way.

    Hold the vision you have for your life, and we will hold the sacred space for your hopes and desires to become your reality. 

    Your Angels 

    So, what does compassion look like and how can you give more compassion to yourself and others?

    Ways to show compassion to yourself:

    • Acknowledge your accomplishments. Too often we can overlook all of the hard work we have already done and only focus on everything we have not triumphed over.
    • Commit to doing something that makes you happy. Spend time with a friend, go on an adventure, listen to your favorite music or sit in the sun. Whatever you do, do it because it brings you joy.
    • Give your body some love. Sleep in, get a massage, cook a delicious, healthy meal or take a hot bath. 
    • Give yourself a break. We are our own worst critics and expect perfection out of ourselves and often look at a mistake as a failure instead of just learning and moving on. 
    • Stand in your power. Do whatever it takes to remember who you are. Standing in your power honors not only yourself but everyone you come into contact with.

    Ways to show compassion to others:

    • Use encouraging and positive words. Words are powerful and positive words can be healing, especially when you feel another is struggling.
    • Acknowledge others. This could be a smile, a hello, opening a door, or simply saying thank you.
    • Be present. When you are with others, investing your time and focus makes a huge difference and being a good listener makes them feel valued.
    • Give a hug. A handshake or a fist bump works too. Physical touch can be empowering (if you feel safe to do so.) 
    • Be motivating. This isn’t about cheering them up as much as it is about cheering them on. We all know what it feels like to lose steam when we really need to keep going.  

    As the angels stated in their message above, they don’t want you to face your disappointments and struggles alone. They have compassion for you and want nothing but the best for you.  

    I hope that each and every day, you are reminded of the love that your angels have for you and that you allow and invite this love into your life. May you feel it in big, bright, glorious ways, and may you stay committed to that vision you hold for yourself.

    Wishing you much joy and many blessings,

    Dealing with Resistance and Jumping Off the Struggle Bus

    Dealing with Resistance and Jumping Off the Struggle Bus

    For anyone that has followed my work on any level, you already know that my angels are my teammates and I consult with them daily to gain clarity, understanding, wisdom, insights, support, and faith. When I am feeling burdened, I often say I am on the Struggle Bus. But the thing about my association with the struggle bus is that buses are always in motion and they are always stopping to let people on and off. So, when I feel like I am on the struggle bus my goal is to get off as soon as possible and preferably at a fabulous destination. 😊 Now, let me be clear. I am never alone on the struggle bus. My angels joyfully ride with me to keep me company and keep me in check. They offer their divine wisdom as to how to get off the bus and back into my high vibe groove and flow. But lately, I have spent way too much time on the struggle bus.  I was truly beginning to wonder if my bus had some type of unlimited gas supply or something. I mean, why have we not made any stops? And, although I would never hope for another person to struggle, why do I feel so alone on this bus?

    Well, if you have been feeling the same way I want to share with you how I work through times of resistance, even when it seems to linger a little too long.

    First, you are not alone. 

    Second, resistance comes both internally and externally and it is important to look at both.


    These are things like your computer failing you at the most inopportune time. The flat tire. The dropped phone calls. The traffic jams. The electricity going out right before your important Zoom meeting or spilling your coffee all down your suit right as you are heading out the door for that important meeting.  Now, I know these things happen in life but what I’m talking about is a feeling that something is working against you. Purposely.


    Nothing is worse than knowing what you need to do but lack the desire or motivation to get it done. Or, have the motivation to get it done but struggle with focus, clarity, and direction.

    Then there is the lovely doubt. The insecurities and wonderings making us question if what we have to offer really matters. There is the nagging feeling that everything is hard when in truth it is simple when we map out the plan, it just takes gusto.

    The body and soul can feel the resistance too. It is not just a mental thing. The sense is like moving through wet concrete. As if something is trying to hold us back with as much strength and might as possible and we are aware we must take control and shift gears before we go down.

    So how do we keep our head above it all so that we don’t lose sight of where we are meant to go? How do we get off the Struggle Bus???

    Clear the Confusion

    – First, ask your spiritual team if you are still on the right path. When resistance shows up it can make us question everything. So, instead of just assuming that the resistance is a roadblock telling you that you are headed in the wrong direction, ask. Gaining clarity in these moments is of utmost importance because otherwise, we get distracted, frustrated and then can become stuck.

    Dig In

    – If the above action lets you know you need to go a different direction, great! You now know what to do. But if you have validated that you are on the right track, you know you have to stay focused and dig in. Be persistent regardless of the resistance. I know, I know. This is easier said than done. But now is the time to stand your ground and be unwavering in your trust and faith.

    Uncover the Resistance

    – Understanding where your resistance is coming from can be very enlightening and empowering. I want you to remember that when we have committed to making big changes it is completely normal to feel resistance. It is as if your old self and your ego team up against you because all they want is for you to stay in that place you’ve always been. There used to be a saying that said, ” The bigger the purpose the bigger the fear.” Well, I say, the stronger the resistance the greater the potential. You are here to live to your fullest potential, so, start asking yourself these questions?

    Regardless of these obstacles, should I still be moving forward?

    What will my reward be for not giving up?

    If I do nothing and give up now, how will I feel tomorrow?

    Are my goals more important than the discomfort I feel right now?

    What help can I call on to move through this resistance?

    How can I break up my action steps, so I feel less overwhelmed?

    What choice and decision will honor my highest self?

    You know yourself better than anyone and your honesty here is important. Often, when we uncover the true answers to these questions the resistance begins to loosen its grip. Acknowledgment is a power move that provides wisdom.

    Now let’s talk about those angels that ride with me on the struggle bus. Who can you call on to help you gain momentum and stride again? Better yet, help you deflect all of that resistance like a superhero.

    Here are my go-to spiritual helpers when resistance is my issue:

    Archangel Uriel Helpful in getting my priorities straight and my mind clear and focused

    Archangel Metatron For helping to clear self-sabotaging ways, overwhelm and procrastination

    Archangel Raziel To help me remember who I am and what my connection to source/creator is

    Archangel Ariel To stand in courage, conviction and lovingly claim my power

    Archangel Jophiel To keep my thoughts positive and in alignment with my truth

    Archangel Michael To protect me from any negative forces, including myself

    It is super easy to call on your angels for help! You don’t even have to remember their names.

    Just simply say “angels help” and they are with you and ready to assist!

    Remember, the resistance does not last forever. There must be big positive changes on the horizon, so keep pushing forward! And, if I happen to see you on the struggle bus, I’ll give you a fist bump and a wink, so you know you are not alone.

    Love and solidarity,


    The NOT To-Do List

    The NOT To-Do List

    Well, here we are, plowing through January. It seems like life is moving at warp speed, yet, at the same time, we can often feel stuck in the same ole, same ole over and over again. Lately, my clients have been expressing their desire for clarity. There is this eagerness to make much-needed changes and move forward to the life they have dreamt about. They can feel the need to shift gears but there also seems to be a paralyzing sense of confusion keeping them stuck. It is as if the answers they seek are evading them. If any of this sounds familiar to you then keep reading because the angels have the advice to help you get moving in the right direction.

    LIFE CAN BE BUSY. To-do lists can be never-ending and distractions seem to pop up at every turn. Ever make a plan and even find some motivation to get things done but somehow feel like you still don’t make any progress?

    This can feel super defeating and leave you feeling completely drained.

    It is discouraging to see that time keeps passing by and you feel like you are still at a standstill. The standing still is so frustrating because your soul is screaming there is something so much more that is out there. You believe this to be true but just can’t seem to get there.

    The angels are saying now IS the time you must do things differently.

    Those dreams you have been dreaming and those changes you have been trying to make ARE important and getting there involves follow through and stealth attention.

    They suggest starting a NOT TO DO LIST and focus on that first before you aim your sights on creating another To-Do list.

    A Not to Do List?  Yes!!!

    Here is what they suggest NOT TO be doing now and why:


    This is not working. Truth is, it probably never has been. Now, you must step into a new way of managing your life, time, and energy. These goals and changes that are important to you need your time, energy, and focus. Even small steps will lead to progress. Move them to the top of your priority list and potentially to the beginning of your day. This will help you gain momentum. This means you may have to let other things go. It will be okay. The angels can help you define those things that are less important right now so that you can focus on true priorities. This also means scheduling time for rest and fun so you can experience more balance.


    As I said above the angels can help you prioritize where your energy and attention need to be and then help you stay focused. Distractions are normal but you have the power to steer yourself back on track the moment you realize you have veered off course. Limit social media scrolling and binge-watching television. You can set time for that in the latter part of the day as a reward for accomplishments, but still, place a limit on it.


    Self-care is a must! Especially right now. Reviewing your habits and asking yourself what you need will be key. Listen to what your body, mind, and soul tells you. There is so much wisdom to be revealed when you simply ask yourself that question. Commit to the time, energy and effort it will take to give yourself what it is asking for. This will begin to shift your energy immediately and you will quickly begin to get into a higher vibrational flow. Self-care is an investment that always pays great returns!


    You are moving forward and unless you are pulling out the growth and lessons from the past you do not need to be there. Your focus needs to be on what you are wanting to create which is new, different, and amazing. Pain, suffering, regrets, grief, and sorrow are not going to help you get where you are going. If these things show up ask if they have some important wisdom to offer you and if not disconnect and move on.


    This includes clutter, clothes, commitments, friendships, habits, and hobbies. You are moving into a time where things need to be a Heck Yes or a Hell No! What is this stuff laying around? Do I use it? Do I need it? These clothes in my closet, when have I wore them last? Do I feel awesome in them? If no, let them go. Your commitments, do they still serve you and the higher good or are they draining you of time and energy? It is okay to move on. Are your friendships a wonderful balance of giving and take? Are any toxic or unhealthy? If so, time to cut the cord. Have you engaged in a hobby lately? Are you doing it out of habit or are you still passionate about it? Love and joy lift us out of limitations and into our highest potential! This is where you want to be.


    This hardly exists and it is the ultimate stalling tactic. Do not wait for what you think maybe the definition of perfect. Just get moving and you will gain more clarity and certainty along the way. As you create your new reality more pieces of the puzzle will fall into place as you consistently tune in to yourself and your desires. Action is necessary and we rarely have it all figured out in the beginning. Having a plan is good but staying in the planning mode gets you nowhere.


    Do not forget your why! Why do you want to reach these goals? How will your life be different? How will it be better? If your why is important and big enough the how will be just as important to you too. Let the excitement and importance of your why help you figure out the how. There are always solutions to any challenge. And, as I always say God and the angels are in the solution business!


    Feeling overwhelmed and the weight of your dreams beginning to feel heavy on your shoulders? As I mentioned above, God and the angels are in the solution business. Have you asked for help? Maybe you need to ask for earthly help to show up too. Who is already in your life that loves you enough to hold your dreams and visions with you and maybe even be an accountability partner? Joining forces with a trusted ally can be equally beneficial and keep you in check and on track. Opening yourself up to receive is key to getting in the flow and that is where you want to be.

     Putting these things into practice, you will begin to open a space for something new to enter. Before you know it you will look back and see progress instead of stalemate.

    Keep in mind that every step forward is taking you in the right direction. It will be important to track your wins so as to remind your ego when it wants to rear its ugly head. Don’t give up before your blessings have a chance to surprise you. Prayer, intentions, and actions are the seeds you have been planting and your crops are growing into fruition. Do you believe it? If not, then a good dose of faith is exactly what you need. The angels can help to buoy your faith and help you dig deep and remind you of the truth of your being. You are a powerful, creative force of love! Now get creating!

    It’s going to be a wild and fabulous ride!