The Undercover Lightworker

Chances are you know one or have been blessed by one. Better yet, because you were guided to read this…… just might be one.
You might be thinking, what is a lightworker anyway?
I get it. Many think it is a strange word with an unclear meaning.
When I was asked what my definition of a lightworker was, my response was…..
A lightworker is an awakened soul, here to be the love and light the world so desperately needs. They are empathic and sensitive to the feelings and needs of others. They have a way of transmuting the darkness into light and empower those they come into contact with.
Lightworkers are often undercover. They inspire, heal and guide others throughout day-to-day life. They show up at the most important times with the most compassionate hearts.
Lightworkers are the least judgmental people you will ever meet and have a beautiful way of meeting people where they are at. They came into this world wired differently and are focused on how they can help and serve others. That is just their natural nature.
They usually feel way more comfortable investing time and energy into causes and other people then in themselves.
You often find them drawn to help strangers.
People they meet for the very first time will tell them their whole life story and share their deepest struggles with them because there is just this sense that they can trust them and that they will understand them with compassion.
Lightworkers often say that they have just felt different their whole life….. even within their family or circle of friends.
They may frequently be told they are too sensitive and may often prefer the company of animals instead of humans in their spare time.
They are filled with sage advice and somehow play the role of free therapist to many and although they feel a deep calling in their soul, they seem to be confused about what their true purpose is.
The struggle many lightworkers face is that they are really unsure about their own desires. Many describe that they don’t require much and it does not take a lot for them to be content. They are easy-going and easy to please and most don’t take the time to figure out what truly makes them happy. On top of that, it is really easy for lightworkers to get out of balance with their giving and receiving. This is because it’s so natural for them to help and serve others but feels completely awkward to allow others to do the same for them.
What lightworkers don’t usually realize is that investing in themselves will ensure that they can leave the biggest impact on our world. And although investing in themselves is the one thing they usually resist the most, it is also many times their biggest lesson to learn. Giving away all they have will eventually disempower them. Caring for themselves is what will ensure that they empower themselves as much as they empower others.
The truth be told is that we need these lightworkers to spread the light throughout the world. But lightworkers can do that without dimming their own.
Need some help staying empowered, while sharing your light with the world?

Nine Benefits to Nurturing Your Intuition

Nine Benefits to Nurturing Your Intuition

Some people think that trusting their gut is hokey or risky, but how many times have you had a hunch about something and then talked yourself out of believing yourself because you thought you should use “reason,” only to find out that your intuition was correct all along? 

Learning to engage, trust, and utilize your intuition is empowering on every level.

How, might you ask?

I would love to tell you how!

Here are my top Nine Benefits to Nurturing Your Intuition: 

  • Connects You to Your Inner Voice
    Why is this so important? Well because when you are connected to your inner voice the distracting, fearful, negative voice loses power and gets quieter. Thank goodness for that. 
  • Increases Self-Awareness and Understanding
    You begin to know yourself better. You feel more connected to your spirit or finally recognize what your spirit feels like and then vow to never forget it.
  • Provides Clarity
    Being in touch with your intuition helps you clear through the clutter in your mind and see past distractions. It can help you find and maintain a positive focus.
  • Strengthens Your Physical Health
    When you are in touch with your intuition you begin to be more in tune with your body. You gain the awareness of what your body needs because you are unique. You begin to understand your sensitivities and how your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies work together. 
  • Increases Confidence
    When you feel more clarity, more connected to your true divine spirit and listening to that inner voice, you cannot help but feel more confident in your actions and decisions.
  • Reduces Stress
    When our confidence is higher, we have less uncertainties and strife. When we find ourselves facing challenges, we are more equipped to listen to that inner voice and trust the path moving forward.
  • Creates Healthier Boundaries
    We feel much more comfortable creating boundaries that will honor our path, goals and spirit. We feel more confident speaking our truth with love instead of hiding from what we want and need and allowing the needs of others to trump our own. 
  • Enhances Artistic and Creative Expression
    When we are in touch with our soul it is easier to understand our passions. Our intuition calls to our heart, begging us to give ourselves permission to make time for the things that bring us joy. We are all creators by nature and saying yes to yourself means a happier, healthier you, which also means those around you benefit as well. 
  • Keeps You Connected to Your Spiritual Team
    Most importantly, your intuition keeps you connected to the divine guidance that is available to you from God/Creator/Source and your spiritual team. We have help available to us on this earthly journey that we are on, and our intuition is the language of love that the divine uses to support us along the way.

None of us are truly ever separated from our intuition and divine guidance. We can feel out of touch, disconnected or confused about how it all works, but everyone has intuition and the ability to harness the power within.

My life changed completely when I learned to purposefully stay connected to my intuition, and that is why I am so passionate about helping others embrace this beautiful part of themselves.

It does not matter if you are male or female, young or old, religious or not religious. Intuition is all about staying connected to the unconditional love and support that is available to all of us. Everyone can benefit from learning how to connect to their intuition. If you have been stalling, what are you waiting for?

I promise there is nothing to fear, and I would love to help you find your way!


With you on the journey,

Are You Feeling the Climb? Ascension, Know the Signs

Are You Feeling the Climb? Ascension, Know the Signs

Ascension symptoms are not new. Ascension is the movement of change where people are realizing more about their spiritual reality and in turn experiencing the energies of being connected to higher dimensions. And this is not just some new age fad. Many have been feeling these symptoms off and on for quite a while. I remember my first awareness of ascension symptoms happened close to twenty years ago. The difference between now and then was that then there were longer gaps in between episodes. At least that was my experience. Now, it seems that more and more people are becoming aware that they are more than their physical body and that their physical body can tell them so much about what they need to do to adjust to the new energies coming forward.

Ascension symptoms are basically occurring because as our energetic body grows, expands and elevates our physical body reacts and experiences changes too.

Below I’m listing some of the many ascension symptoms and how you might remedy them. However, don’t ever just assume this is what you’re experiencing. Any physical symptoms you might experience should always be communicated with your family physician or physician of choice and you should get a physical checkup for care and proper diagnosis.


This usually comes in shorts bursts. I notice this personally affects me stronger during astrological occurrences and solar flares. I quickly ground myself. If I am inside, I may touch the top of my head and ask the angels to help me to be fully in my body with comfort and ease.


These can come out of the blue or tend to try and linger. I have found that stopping and taking some slow deep breaths when the headache is first starting can sometimes stop it in its tracks. Staying hydrated and getting extra rest is also key.
Neck and Shoulder Pain- This is obviously no fun, and many times can be shrugged off as just tension. However, when I do the things that I would normally do to release such tension I will feel the slight tension leave and this other feeling stay. When massages, hot baths and stretching don’t help I have to move my body and try to release the energies that have become stuck. I will also say things like… New thoughts and actions assimilate easily into my being. I trust the divine and my connection to the divine. I am evolving safely and wholly.

Ringing in the ears and other strange sounds

You may experience high-pitched ringing, and electronic humming sound or vibrational tones. Sound is energy. It is a vibration and as we become more aware of the energies around us sounds are just one way that we recognize the shifts around us. Basically, information is being absorbed through our bodies. We won’t understand the message, but I always pause a moment to say thank you for the information that I am receiving in that moment.

Memory issues

Trying to think what that word is called? Forget what you did this morning? I am finding that I am so present in the moment that I am easily forgetting things if I don’t write them down. I have forgotten conversations from the day before, but it is more that I am called to be so very focused on the present that I have just disconnected from all that is not in the now. Stop. Slow down and gain your focus and the thought, word or memory will come back to you but it may be taking more focus than in the past.


A general feeling of anxiety as well as situational and fear-based triggers that were not there before. This can often be remedied by drawing your awareness to yourself and your own energy field. As sensitives, we are not always aware of how we use our own energy field to scan that which is around us and what we are approaching. In any moment of anxiety, it is good to ask the angels to release anything from you that is not your own. If you have shared time and space with someone and you are feeling off, you can say “I return everything that belongs to you and I take back everything that belongs to me, and I return everything that we both no longer need back to the earth to be composted. Or…I return everything that we no longer need to the angels for transmutation.”

Muscle and Joint Pains

You can even feel like you have the flu. The spiritual flu I guess you could call it. Some will feel their body is hot on the inside but are not actually running a fever. This can last a few days and literally is like a detox on a cellular level. As soon as you feel well enough move your body to help assimilate to the new vibration.

People are becoming more aware of the great responsibility that they have to take care of their own energy, health and wellbeing. Tuning into our bodies and souls can offer us a wealth of information and knowledge.

These are only just some of the ascension symptoms. I will be discussing more of them in the upcoming weeks. I hope you found this information helpful.

Remember, we want to move through our energetic shifts and changes with as much ease and grace as possible. Stay in communication with your spiritual team. Ask for guidance, wisdom and help in any way you may feel you need it.

With you on the journey!

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The Misconceptions of Mediumship

The Misconceptions of Mediumship

Mediumship has always seemed to have a taboo attached to it; it did for me. I won’t bore you with that whole story right now, but what I will say is that if you think about it, many people may go their whole life without ever giving a thought to trying to connect with a deceased loved one. It usually is not on anyone’s radar until they lose someone very special. When people experience a great loss, they begin to question everything. Where are they? Are they okay? Can they still feel my love? Is heaven real? What is it like? Will they be there to greet me when I pass?

Even so, they may judge their own emotions, question their beliefs, their religion, and more. I have been there, and so I understand all of the wondering and questioning. The longing to connect one more time can be completely thrilling and intimidating all at the same time. The assumptions around mediumship often make people wary about making connections.

Yet, it is rarely talked about because of that taboo nature I mentioned before. Most people don’t trust trying to have a discussion with someone about such a” woo woo” topic. But I am not afraid to talk about it. So, let’s have some of these conversations, and if you have questions yourself, I hope I can help you gain some clarity.


• Mediums see spirits everywhere they go and all of the time – Ummm, no thank you. First, it may surprise you that I do not see with my eyes open. Spirits, that is. That is a rarity. I made a deal a very long time ago that I would be willing to deliver messages, but I was not comfortable seeing with my eyes open. I am completely comfortable seeing in my mind’s eye, and it works well, so there is no need to see spirits walking around everywhere. Although I am connected and tuned in much of the time, it is important for me to be connected to my physical self and disconnect from the spirit world. It is my opinion that this is the healthiest choice for any medium.

• As a medium, you must have access to all knowledge and information – Again, no. First, how boring would it be if we had all of the answers to everything all of the time? Where would the adventure be? We are all here to learn and grow. That is the earthly experience for all of us. It is the natural process of our soul’s evolution. Our intuition exists for us to stay connected and have access to the divine wisdom of the universe. Although mediums are well-versed in using their intuition, it does not equate to abusing it, intuitively spying on anyone, or picking the winning lotto numbers. Mediums are not all-knowing.

• Mediums are sketchy, scary, or a carnival act – First, I think it is important to say that you should definitely do your research before consulting with a medium. Unfortunately, there are people out there that are operating from a space of negativity or ego and may treat their profession as the above mentioned. This breaks my heart because this can be very damaging. I know that asking friends if they know of a good medium is probably not a normal conversation in most circles. However, most reputable mediums will have a website, social media presence, or some way that you find them that will let you get to know them on some level. Prayerfully look for the one you feel guided to work with. Read testimonials, their history and see what resonates with you and trust that. Mediumship can be extremely healing, and I truly believe there are more honest mediums that are aligned with being of love and service than there are so-called mediums that intend to manipulate or take advantage of you.

• Mediums research you before you come in for a reading – Let me promise you one thing, I do not have the time or the interest to research anyone that schedules a session with me. It actually would make my job harder, not easier. Having a blank slate is the best way to make a strong connection. No preconceived notions. When teaching mediumship, I talk to my students all the time about creating a blank slate to receive information. Clearing everything out of their mind helps them open up to receive validating information. Again, if you are allowing yourself to be guided to the right professional medium, you should not have to worry about their integrity.

• Mediums can control exactly who comes through and the message they bring through – That may sound nice, but again, no. I will tell you that in over 15 plus years of work as a professional medium, it is rare for me not to naturally connect my client with whom they are hoping to hear from, but it is not in my control. I do however, set my intentions to connect with the deceased loved one(s) my client is hoping to hear from. I also open my sessions with prayer in order to create a sacred space and help my clients relax, which helps them open their heart and mind to receive the loving messages from spirit. My goal is to be of love and service to them, and I trust that whatever they are in need of most is what comes through for them. To get the most out of your session with a medium, it is best to go into it with an open heart, set your own intentions of what you are hoping to experience, and then surrender to the process.

• Mediums only talk to dead people – False. Most mediums, including myself, can also connect with spirit guides, guardian angels, archangels, and other members of your spiritual team. For example, I don’t just offer mediumship sessions. Over fifty percent of my clientele schedule with me for Intuitive Spiritual Coaching or Angelic Counseling. They are looking for clarity, guidance, and maybe moving through periods of change or spiritual growth or continuing to move through grief in a healthy way as possible. You might also be surprised how many times your loved ones in spirit may want to help you with your current path and may want to introduce you to the love and support of your angels.

Mediums have always had the “gift” and are born knowing how to use it– Nope, not at all. Although I have been sensitive and aware of energies my whole life, I did not understand the purpose of it all until I was a young adult. Not every medium is born knowing. Most are born wondering. Wondering why they feel different and no one understands them. They wish someone could connect with them in a way that feels familiar. Some people open up to the ability to connect with spirit much later in life after an intense life happening or spiritual awakening or after the birth of a child or a loss. Many people who experience connecting with spirits in some shape or form don’t understand it, trust it or know how to control it. Mediumship can be taught. Some people may engage in learning how to hone their craft, and others may just empower themselves with the knowledge so they know how to control it and turn it off.

I hope this is helpful in understanding a little bit more about what mediumship is all about. That it clears up any confusion or fear and helps you look at mediumship as a healing tool that is there for you if you so feel guided to use it. 

I must say that being a medium has given me the great honor and joy to make beautiful connections for amazing people both here and in spirit. It has allowed me the opportunity to witness time and time again that love is more powerful than death ever could be and that we will never lose the love that was shared here on earth.

It is also important to mention that you do not need a medium to connect with your loved one. They easily receive the love, prayers, and messages you send their way, and they love and support you from the other side too. Look for their signs and trust them. Their love will show up in bright and beautiful ways.

With you on the journey.

Love, Light & Blessings, ❤️


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If this blog has resonated with you or made you even more curious about mediumship and your ability to make connections for yourself you can check out my upcoming Mediumship Made Easy course. 

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Dealing with Resistance and Jumping Off the Struggle Bus

Dealing with Resistance and Jumping Off the Struggle Bus

For anyone that has followed my work on any level, you already know that my angels are my teammates and I consult with them daily to gain clarity, understanding, wisdom, insights, support, and faith. When I am feeling burdened, I often say I am on the Struggle Bus. But the thing about my association with the struggle bus is that buses are always in motion and they are always stopping to let people on and off. So, when I feel like I am on the struggle bus my goal is to get off as soon as possible and preferably at a fabulous destination. 😊 Now, let me be clear. I am never alone on the struggle bus. My angels joyfully ride with me to keep me company and keep me in check. They offer their divine wisdom as to how to get off the bus and back into my high vibe groove and flow. But lately, I have spent way too much time on the struggle bus.  I was truly beginning to wonder if my bus had some type of unlimited gas supply or something. I mean, why have we not made any stops? And, although I would never hope for another person to struggle, why do I feel so alone on this bus?

Well, if you have been feeling the same way I want to share with you how I work through times of resistance, even when it seems to linger a little too long.

First, you are not alone. 

Second, resistance comes both internally and externally and it is important to look at both.


These are things like your computer failing you at the most inopportune time. The flat tire. The dropped phone calls. The traffic jams. The electricity going out right before your important Zoom meeting or spilling your coffee all down your suit right as you are heading out the door for that important meeting.  Now, I know these things happen in life but what I’m talking about is a feeling that something is working against you. Purposely.


Nothing is worse than knowing what you need to do but lack the desire or motivation to get it done. Or, have the motivation to get it done but struggle with focus, clarity, and direction.

Then there is the lovely doubt. The insecurities and wonderings making us question if what we have to offer really matters. There is the nagging feeling that everything is hard when in truth it is simple when we map out the plan, it just takes gusto.

The body and soul can feel the resistance too. It is not just a mental thing. The sense is like moving through wet concrete. As if something is trying to hold us back with as much strength and might as possible and we are aware we must take control and shift gears before we go down.

So how do we keep our head above it all so that we don’t lose sight of where we are meant to go? How do we get off the Struggle Bus???

Clear the Confusion

– First, ask your spiritual team if you are still on the right path. When resistance shows up it can make us question everything. So, instead of just assuming that the resistance is a roadblock telling you that you are headed in the wrong direction, ask. Gaining clarity in these moments is of utmost importance because otherwise, we get distracted, frustrated and then can become stuck.

Dig In

– If the above action lets you know you need to go a different direction, great! You now know what to do. But if you have validated that you are on the right track, you know you have to stay focused and dig in. Be persistent regardless of the resistance. I know, I know. This is easier said than done. But now is the time to stand your ground and be unwavering in your trust and faith.

Uncover the Resistance

– Understanding where your resistance is coming from can be very enlightening and empowering. I want you to remember that when we have committed to making big changes it is completely normal to feel resistance. It is as if your old self and your ego team up against you because all they want is for you to stay in that place you’ve always been. There used to be a saying that said, ” The bigger the purpose the bigger the fear.” Well, I say, the stronger the resistance the greater the potential. You are here to live to your fullest potential, so, start asking yourself these questions?

Regardless of these obstacles, should I still be moving forward?

What will my reward be for not giving up?

If I do nothing and give up now, how will I feel tomorrow?

Are my goals more important than the discomfort I feel right now?

What help can I call on to move through this resistance?

How can I break up my action steps, so I feel less overwhelmed?

What choice and decision will honor my highest self?

You know yourself better than anyone and your honesty here is important. Often, when we uncover the true answers to these questions the resistance begins to loosen its grip. Acknowledgment is a power move that provides wisdom.

Now let’s talk about those angels that ride with me on the struggle bus. Who can you call on to help you gain momentum and stride again? Better yet, help you deflect all of that resistance like a superhero.

Here are my go-to spiritual helpers when resistance is my issue:

Archangel Uriel Helpful in getting my priorities straight and my mind clear and focused

Archangel Metatron For helping to clear self-sabotaging ways, overwhelm and procrastination

Archangel Raziel To help me remember who I am and what my connection to source/creator is

Archangel Ariel To stand in courage, conviction and lovingly claim my power

Archangel Jophiel To keep my thoughts positive and in alignment with my truth

Archangel Michael To protect me from any negative forces, including myself

It is super easy to call on your angels for help! You don’t even have to remember their names.

Just simply say “angels help” and they are with you and ready to assist!

Remember, the resistance does not last forever. There must be big positive changes on the horizon, so keep pushing forward! And, if I happen to see you on the struggle bus, I’ll give you a fist bump and a wink, so you know you are not alone.

Love and solidarity,


The NOT To-Do List

The NOT To-Do List

Well, here we are, plowing through January. It seems like life is moving at warp speed, yet, at the same time, we can often feel stuck in the same ole, same ole over and over again. Lately, my clients have been expressing their desire for clarity. There is this eagerness to make much-needed changes and move forward to the life they have dreamt about. They can feel the need to shift gears but there also seems to be a paralyzing sense of confusion keeping them stuck. It is as if the answers they seek are evading them. If any of this sounds familiar to you then keep reading because the angels have the advice to help you get moving in the right direction.

LIFE CAN BE BUSY. To-do lists can be never-ending and distractions seem to pop up at every turn. Ever make a plan and even find some motivation to get things done but somehow feel like you still don’t make any progress?

This can feel super defeating and leave you feeling completely drained.

It is discouraging to see that time keeps passing by and you feel like you are still at a standstill. The standing still is so frustrating because your soul is screaming there is something so much more that is out there. You believe this to be true but just can’t seem to get there.

The angels are saying now IS the time you must do things differently.

Those dreams you have been dreaming and those changes you have been trying to make ARE important and getting there involves follow through and stealth attention.

They suggest starting a NOT TO DO LIST and focus on that first before you aim your sights on creating another To-Do list.

A Not to Do List?  Yes!!!

Here is what they suggest NOT TO be doing now and why:


This is not working. Truth is, it probably never has been. Now, you must step into a new way of managing your life, time, and energy. These goals and changes that are important to you need your time, energy, and focus. Even small steps will lead to progress. Move them to the top of your priority list and potentially to the beginning of your day. This will help you gain momentum. This means you may have to let other things go. It will be okay. The angels can help you define those things that are less important right now so that you can focus on true priorities. This also means scheduling time for rest and fun so you can experience more balance.


As I said above the angels can help you prioritize where your energy and attention need to be and then help you stay focused. Distractions are normal but you have the power to steer yourself back on track the moment you realize you have veered off course. Limit social media scrolling and binge-watching television. You can set time for that in the latter part of the day as a reward for accomplishments, but still, place a limit on it.


Self-care is a must! Especially right now. Reviewing your habits and asking yourself what you need will be key. Listen to what your body, mind, and soul tells you. There is so much wisdom to be revealed when you simply ask yourself that question. Commit to the time, energy and effort it will take to give yourself what it is asking for. This will begin to shift your energy immediately and you will quickly begin to get into a higher vibrational flow. Self-care is an investment that always pays great returns!


You are moving forward and unless you are pulling out the growth and lessons from the past you do not need to be there. Your focus needs to be on what you are wanting to create which is new, different, and amazing. Pain, suffering, regrets, grief, and sorrow are not going to help you get where you are going. If these things show up ask if they have some important wisdom to offer you and if not disconnect and move on.


This includes clutter, clothes, commitments, friendships, habits, and hobbies. You are moving into a time where things need to be a Heck Yes or a Hell No! What is this stuff laying around? Do I use it? Do I need it? These clothes in my closet, when have I wore them last? Do I feel awesome in them? If no, let them go. Your commitments, do they still serve you and the higher good or are they draining you of time and energy? It is okay to move on. Are your friendships a wonderful balance of giving and take? Are any toxic or unhealthy? If so, time to cut the cord. Have you engaged in a hobby lately? Are you doing it out of habit or are you still passionate about it? Love and joy lift us out of limitations and into our highest potential! This is where you want to be.


This hardly exists and it is the ultimate stalling tactic. Do not wait for what you think maybe the definition of perfect. Just get moving and you will gain more clarity and certainty along the way. As you create your new reality more pieces of the puzzle will fall into place as you consistently tune in to yourself and your desires. Action is necessary and we rarely have it all figured out in the beginning. Having a plan is good but staying in the planning mode gets you nowhere.


Do not forget your why! Why do you want to reach these goals? How will your life be different? How will it be better? If your why is important and big enough the how will be just as important to you too. Let the excitement and importance of your why help you figure out the how. There are always solutions to any challenge. And, as I always say God and the angels are in the solution business!


Feeling overwhelmed and the weight of your dreams beginning to feel heavy on your shoulders? As I mentioned above, God and the angels are in the solution business. Have you asked for help? Maybe you need to ask for earthly help to show up too. Who is already in your life that loves you enough to hold your dreams and visions with you and maybe even be an accountability partner? Joining forces with a trusted ally can be equally beneficial and keep you in check and on track. Opening yourself up to receive is key to getting in the flow and that is where you want to be.

 Putting these things into practice, you will begin to open a space for something new to enter. Before you know it you will look back and see progress instead of stalemate.

Keep in mind that every step forward is taking you in the right direction. It will be important to track your wins so as to remind your ego when it wants to rear its ugly head. Don’t give up before your blessings have a chance to surprise you. Prayer, intentions, and actions are the seeds you have been planting and your crops are growing into fruition. Do you believe it? If not, then a good dose of faith is exactly what you need. The angels can help to buoy your faith and help you dig deep and remind you of the truth of your being. You are a powerful, creative force of love! Now get creating!

It’s going to be a wild and fabulous ride!

Clear, Connect, Create

Clear, Connect, Create

What a blessing it is to be alive right now and experience the beautiful unfolding of a new time and age. The path may have felt challenging to get to this point, but one worth the while nonetheless. If you look back at some of your greatest challenges over the last year, I encourage you to look at what was gained, as many of you were forced into changes that served you in blessed ways. The upcoming energies are here to serve us as well, and what is important to remember is that we are more than our physical experiences. As things continue to bubble to the surface may you remember that in a spiritual sense, we are birthing a new reality.

Here are some things you can expect …

  • The opportunity to open up to outstanding change, more than we have ever seen before
  • A greater sense of relief
  • A feeling of expansion and growth
  • A more comfortable relationship with abundance and the call to allow yourself to receive
  • A feeling of release, unloading and surrender
  • More energy. As if, what has previously been draining you has lost its power.
  • A stronger connection to your intuitive self

This sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But what do you need to do to honor what is being offered up? Here is what you can focus on:

  • Hold sacred space for yourself. Commit to doing this for you, before you hold it for others.
  • Connect with your spiritual helpers frequently. Let them guide your way.
  • Observe yourself. How are you feeling? What do you need?
  • Reflect. Take the time to process things instead of just moving on.
  • Make the time to turn your dreams into goals. Then take action.
  • Focus on your desires, not your fears.
  • Connect with and engage with the things you are for and do not put tremendous focus on the things you feel you are against.
  • Remember that you are a being of divine light.

I hold the intention that you feel connected to the path before you and that you travel it with great strength, clarity, ease and grace. May you say yes to the many opportunities that show up for you. Especially the ones that push you outside of your comfort zone.

Because oftentimes the path is easier to navigate with some sound help and guidance, I am offering a special new service to help you gain clarity and make the most out of these energetic shifts we are experiencing. This new 60-minute session is called Clear, Connect, Create!

woman connecting to spirit_heather Hildebrand

It will include:

  • Guidance for the first three months of the year
  • What each month’s goals and focus should be specifically
  • Which angels and spiritual helpers you should be working with each month
  • An energetic tune-up to clear anything that may have been holding you back

The goal of these sessions is to empower you and as always, my goal is to be of love and service to you.
These sessions are available to book through February 16, 2021, but spaces are limited.

Grab your spot today if you are interested!

May you embrace the rest of 2020 with grace, gratitude and a heart full of hope and walk into 2021 with a plan, purpose and your spiritual team by your side!

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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The Angels & I Can Help You have a Fabulous 2020

The Angels & I Can Help You have a Fabulous 2020

I hope today finds you drenched in goodness and all things wonderful. We have entered a new year and a new decade……. and with that comes a host of opportunities to create a life that you are even more excited about. I know, I know. Don’t we say this EVERY year? Yes, most of us do. But let’s just rip off the bandaid right now and remind ourselves that 2020 will not be any different than 2019 if we keep doing things the same way.

So, If you are desiring some positive change in your life then I am here to challenge you to dig deep. Take the time to sit and think and ponder.

   • What do you want?
   • What makes you happy?
   • What are you just tolerating in your life?
   • Are you facing any challenges right now or are you in the perfect flow?
   • What area do you need to focus on… self-love, balance, body care, financial freedom?

I know all of this is easier said than done BECAUSE sometimes we are lacking clarity about what we truly want in life, or we are lacking motivation and can’t seem to put one foot in front of the other. And, sometimes we know what we want but we don’t know how to get there.

Well, I am here to remind you that the angels can help with all of those things. They are in what I like to call the business of blessings, miracles and solutions. The angels are smart cookies. They come up with some serious divine plans of action. Trust me, I know from experience.

The other thing I know for sure is that sometimes we need some hand-holding and someone to lovingly hold us accountable. This way we keep our goals and dreams a priority. So here is what the angels suggested I offer.


FOUR Sessions To Work All This Out!

• First, a ONE-HOUR Phone Session to go over all the important stuff and get some clarity and plans to place into action.

• Then, THREE 30-Minute Follow-Up Sessions to make sure you are staying the course and have some support as you begin to journey through your changes.


Save $104 when you purchase this package for $388. 

Once you purchase you will receive an email to get all FOUR of your appointments scheduled and on the calendar. 

You are worthy and deserving of living out your wildest dreams and heart’s truest desires. Everything is possible. God and the angels fully support you! Sign up today.

I would love to support you too. Let’s do this!

Love, Light and Big Beautiful Miracles,

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Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash