Some people think that trusting their gut is hokey or risky, but how many times have you had a hunch about something and then talked yourself out of believing yourself because you thought you should use “reason,” only to find out that your intuition was correct all along? 

Learning to engage, trust, and utilize your intuition is empowering on every level.

How, might you ask?

I would love to tell you how!

Here are my top Nine Benefits to Nurturing Your Intuition: 

  • Connects You to Your Inner Voice
    Why is this so important? Well because when you are connected to your inner voice the distracting, fearful, negative voice loses power and gets quieter. Thank goodness for that. 
  • Increases Self-Awareness and Understanding
    You begin to know yourself better. You feel more connected to your spirit or finally recognize what your spirit feels like and then vow to never forget it.
  • Provides Clarity
    Being in touch with your intuition helps you clear through the clutter in your mind and see past distractions. It can help you find and maintain a positive focus.
  • Strengthens Your Physical Health
    When you are in touch with your intuition you begin to be more in tune with your body. You gain the awareness of what your body needs because you are unique. You begin to understand your sensitivities and how your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies work together. 
  • Increases Confidence
    When you feel more clarity, more connected to your true divine spirit and listening to that inner voice, you cannot help but feel more confident in your actions and decisions.
  • Reduces Stress
    When our confidence is higher, we have less uncertainties and strife. When we find ourselves facing challenges, we are more equipped to listen to that inner voice and trust the path moving forward.
  • Creates Healthier Boundaries
    We feel much more comfortable creating boundaries that will honor our path, goals and spirit. We feel more confident speaking our truth with love instead of hiding from what we want and need and allowing the needs of others to trump our own. 
  • Enhances Artistic and Creative Expression
    When we are in touch with our soul it is easier to understand our passions. Our intuition calls to our heart, begging us to give ourselves permission to make time for the things that bring us joy. We are all creators by nature and saying yes to yourself means a happier, healthier you, which also means those around you benefit as well. 
  • Keeps You Connected to Your Spiritual Team
    Most importantly, your intuition keeps you connected to the divine guidance that is available to you from God/Creator/Source and your spiritual team. We have help available to us on this earthly journey that we are on, and our intuition is the language of love that the divine uses to support us along the way.

None of us are truly ever separated from our intuition and divine guidance. We can feel out of touch, disconnected or confused about how it all works, but everyone has intuition and the ability to harness the power within.

My life changed completely when I learned to purposefully stay connected to my intuition, and that is why I am so passionate about helping others embrace this beautiful part of themselves.

It does not matter if you are male or female, young or old, religious or not religious. Intuition is all about staying connected to the unconditional love and support that is available to all of us. Everyone can benefit from learning how to connect to their intuition. If you have been stalling, what are you waiting for?

I promise there is nothing to fear, and I would love to help you find your way!


With you on the journey,