Hello Super Star! Can you believe we are almost halfway through the summer? I don’t know about you but mine has been super busy. I have also been feeling a little more sensitive lately and some days just straight up in my feelings. With six of our planets in retrograde, you may be experiencing some shifts too or you may have days that you feel disconnected or plain stuck. Recently I did a 30-minute phone special, and I found that many of my clients that took advantage of the sale were dealing with some of the same things. I kept hearing things like …
”I just don’t even know what I am supposed to be doing.” “I am not even sure of what I want.” ”I just know I am meant to be doing something more, but I stay stuck in this same cycle.” “I can’t believe I haven’t made more progress than this. I just need to get my act together.” First and foremost let me remind you of a few things:
  • Now is the time to have these wonders, and make it productive. Don’t sit in regret or worry. Instead, utilize the pondering from your past to empower your future. Sometimes figuring out what we want starts with getting really clear about what we have outgrown and no longer need to experience. This can be powerful in your catalyst for change as long as you don’t stay focused on the negative.
  • You are supposed to be feeling this way right now. There is nothing wrong with you. These are just nudges from God and the universe lovingly guiding you towards your heart’s desires and your best life. (Remember six planets in retrograde have you most definitely reflecting.)
  • This means positive changes and will require effort on your part…but remember, you ALREADY have everything you need inside you…not to mention a whole host of spiritual beings ready to love and support you.
  • Forgive yourself! You have not always known the best choice. You did not always make the best decisions. You may have often given away your power. Your past behaviors may not have served your highest good. These are all human mistakes. The important thing is to extract the lessons you were to learn, release any icky feelings attached to the past, and move forward fearlessly! The time is NOW and this time is YOURS!
The angels can help too. They can help bring things into focus and offer clarity in areas that seem to be cloudy. I am here to support you if you need me. I am currently booking in-person and phone sessions and I have openings as early as the last week in July. If forgiveness is something you are struggling with, here is a wonderful prayer of forgiveness to help you move past the hurt and into the freedom you so deserve. Prayer of Forgiveness Wishing you a wonderful time of growth and expansion with as much ease and grace as possible! ~~~~~~~~ Much Love & Many Blessings, Heather