From the time I can remember having memories of my life at all I have been an avid dreamer, one who would always wake up remembering my dreams. I had prophetic dreams of what Texas looked liked, my grandpa’s truck and even the bank we would bank at all before we made the move to the Lone Star State thirty some years ago….

I would have repetitive dreams that were not very nice at all. I would go on fantastic journeys to places I loved. I would fly. I could understand what people were telling me even if they spoke another language or even if they were not speaking at all. Dreamtime was as active for me as my awake time, which if you ask my mom was pretty active. I have never been one who could sit idle for long.

Even as a child my dreams would guide me. They gave insights to the questions I pondered and often prepared me for things to come. The older I grew the less I shared my dreams with others after receiving many responses that were less than receptive. Although my dreams were rarely bad they were often prophetic and as I realized this to be more and more the case the more I realized that others were threatened not assured by their wisdom. However, this never lessened my interest or faith in their messages. I acknowledge all of my dreams as a gift and have come to trust and rely on the guidance and healing they have to offer.

Everyone dreams whether they recall them or not. It is my opinion that our dreams often reveal the wishes and longings of our soul. They are there to remind us which direction to go, show us when we need to stop and re-think things and where healing needs to transpire within our lives.

If you want to learn how to better interpret your dreams check out the two upcoming classes I have. Each class is filled with lots of information that will help you connect with the deeper meanings of your dreams. If you cannot make both classes no worries! Each is built to stand on its own but together they provide a plethora of information regarding dreams and the importance their role plays in your life.

What are your dreams telling you? And, are you listening?

Let us know by sharing your experiences below. We believe that in sharing, healing occurs.  Be the change!

Love, Light & Blessings,